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How to Generate Leads via Digital Marketing

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

This is an article “How to Generate Leads via Digital Marketing” by Marc Primo

Early on in the year, promising new trends were about to take the digital marketing world by storm. However, things went awry as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold globally causing a few changes in the way people purchase goods. More people are now buying goods from home and are considering other alternatives than their usual brands. Perhaps, the biggest question in the minds of companies right now is how to generate leads amidst the current situation.

Lead generation in digital marketing

As we wait for 2020 to improve and bring us a much needed reset, it might be best to revisit the top three generation trends that will soon be the new normal in digital marketing.


As digital marketing strategies continue to develop through the years, it’s not far to see how customer acquisition cost (CAC) can also hit the roof some time soon. That’s why your content (particularly the use of the right keywords) becomes one of the most important things you have to focus on. This means you have to integrate more customer-based data and research to come up with the right angles and content for our target market. Some of the most common data-gathering strategies marketers use are via social media networks via the top tools like BuzzSumo, Google Trends, Animoto, and Native Analytics.

There’s no doubt that great and efficient content can generate leads and incorporating the right descriptions, references, and backlinks on your website can make it more engaging for visitors. Among the key performance indicators (KPI) you’d want to discuss with your digital marketing agency are cost per click (CPC), cost per lead (CPL), and cost per retention (CTR). Why? Because 83% of marketers say measuring these leads them to more successful conversions.


If you are into business to business marketing (B2B), video content is essential to boost your internet traffic. In fact, videos will account for 82% of the overall online traffic two years from now. Today, more businesses are inclined to close partnership deals if they are influenced early and videos do just that. Post video content on your blogs, websites, or shoot your prospective business clients with emails in the form of simple social media posts that they can easily absorb.

While video has been around for ages, 2020 is the time when it should be used for one-on-one sales as part of the sales cycle. Customizing your content to satisfy the needs and wants of potential clients adds more value to your pitch and allows for greater opportunities for a positive response, and can be both higher-end productions or simple mobile phone clips. It all depends on your relationship with your target audience as videos serve as great tools to drive your messages across.

Customer Retention

Efficiently connecting with your customers is as important now more than ever as the new normal sets in. Consumers are stressed out right now because of the pandemic and the looming recession weighing on their minds, so you’d best address their pain points early and offer solutions. They’d also expect more promotions that can give them convenience or more value for their buck and being creative in how you send these promos online can make a difference in your branding and recall strategies. If you make your online visitors happy, there’s a bigger chance that you can turn them into leads and retain their loyalty.

As we all transition towards the new normal, more generation trends are expected to come out of the woodwork-- some are infused with technological advances with the use of bots and artificial intelligence, and some sticking to the traditional marketing principles that concentrates on making the customer journey more fulfilling. This is what keeps everything interesting. By relentlessly studying how consumer behavior works and combining best practices from both old and new trends, you can stay ahead of the curve and continue to gain substantial profits.

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