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Create High Quality Video At Low Cost

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

The following is the article “Create High-Quality Video At Low Cost” by Marc Primo.

Video is fast becoming a mandatory component of all digital marketing efforts. Not only must your online presence have video content in order to be taken seriously, the quality of your video will also be a direct reflection of your company and must be of the highest possible standard.

How to create high quality videos

How to produce quality video on a budget

The following are practical tips on how to channel your inner Spielberg and shoot effective videos that capture the viewer’s attention by telling a story, without the need for expensive professional camera equipment or Hollywood A-list directors:

Keep it short

Remember, the attention span of most people surfing the Internet is notoriously short, so keep your videos under one minute whenever possible. There’s a reason why television commercials are shot as either 15, 30, or 60-second ads: most viewers tend to tune out after 60 seconds. The same applies online, possibly even shorter.

Remember the 3 stages

There are three main stages when using video to tell a story to potential customers. The first is “awareness”, wherein you introduce your product or service to the market; the second stage is “consideration”, this is where you illustrate what your product can do that will improve their lives. The final stage is “decision”, where you win their trust by sharing examples of your success stories and showing them how professional you are.

Create an eye-catching intro

The likelihood of visitors to your site clicking on your video largely depends on how interesting the caption or intro sequence is. Whether you use music, graphics, or a stimulating title, always put yourself in your viewers’ shoes: what would make you spend one minute of your time watching a video that you already know is the online equivalent of a television commercial?

Shoot out of the box

It goes without saying that most people appreciate fresh and original ideas. That said, using video to connect with your audience is not the time or place to play safe. Formula templates should be avoided as much as possible because your viewers will perceive you to be just another one of the thousand other businesses vying for their hard-earned dollars. Don’t be afraid to take risks and give them a taste of the unexpected.

Call them to action

Aside from using video as a tool to market your business, remember to use it to your advantage with a solid script telling the viewer what they ought to do next once the video ends. This might be through a call to action such as, “To learn more, log on to for a free quote” or by simply having your company’s URL displayed onscreen throughout the duration of the vid. Either way, this will contribute positively towards your SEO ranking.

Go mobile-friendly

Last but not least, always remember to ensure that your video is easily playable on smartphones and not just desktops or laptops. More and more consumers rely on their handheld devices to canvass online, typically while in transit or lying in bed. The last thing you want to happen is for them to bypass your website out of frustration from navigating your landing page which hasn’t been formatted for mobile.

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