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Focus Your SEO Strategy on Content and Link

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

The following is an article “Focus Your SEO Strategy on Content and Link” by Marc Primo.

Some of the best SEO strategists want to make things less complicated when it comes to leveraging search as a marketing channel and it often boils down to two components—backlinks for higher rankings and quality content.

SEO content and linking strategy

With plenty of trends emerging to redefine SEO tactics, things can get a little bit complicated for newbies who aspire to master the art. However, by simply focusing on content and relevant links, you can actually get a decent ranking on search engine results pages (SEPRs) just by observing a few rules.

Below are two basic steps that can boost your content and links for a more engaging SEO experience for both yourself and your target market.

Identifying keywords for content

The first thing you should always keep in mind when it comes to SEO is that content is not only king… it’s everything. Everything begins with content and it’s also where all the results are derived from. Be it a blog post, video, online tool or the like, what you have on your canvass is the very product that attracts customers, create conversations, build associations, and calls to action. In SEO, content is what communicates your website’s true nature out there.

In building content for your website, you’ll have to start with some keyword research to determine which you can use for your content strategy. Keywords will help you get high ranks in search pages and can help in driving organic visibility.

What you have to do is determine search intent by discovering short and long tail keywords that you think your target market writes down on search bars. Use tools such as Google Keyword Planner or Google Autocomplete which helps users search experience faster and easier.

You also have to identify your seed keywords which are essential terms that associate your brand and business to online users. You can do this by doing a number of things from reviewing terms used by your audience or finding out your competitor’s own seed keywords. Make sure you have a site search tool for your website so you can analyze user behavior on your site which also mimics what users may search organically.

Building credible links

Link building is one of the most complicated processes in strategizing SEO. Part of it is making a connection with authoritative websites to earn real links or link acquisition. You can start by creating link-worthy pages on your site which you can further promote to other sites.

Another way you can improve your link acquisition is by supporting pages on your site by means of internal linking. This simply means that you insert backlinks within your blog posts so it directs to other pages and content on your site. Identify your linkable assets according to how useful they are to your target audience, how unique the content is, and if it is entertaining enough to be link-worthy.

Building your links also calls for a review in how large your potential linking audience is so you should concentrate on link assets that have greater audience range in terms of marketing and has a strong content. By this you can earn links via manual outreach to related sites.

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