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Two Important Keyword Tools for SEO Beginners

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

The following is an article “Two Important Keyword Tools for SEO Beginners” by Marc Primo.

If you are planning to learn the fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO) to help your digital marketing efforts reach greater heights, one of the first things you’ll discover is the importance of keywords. While you may think that these are simple terms that relate to your business, processes have evolved throughout the years wherein there are now nine types of keywords you should consider for your SEO strategies. However, before we tackle these nine SEO types, let’s first discuss why you need to beef up your keyword strategies via online tools.

Keyword search tools for SEO

Keywords pave the way for more organic views in your blogs or websites, and help you take one of the top spots in Google SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages. Of course, the end result to all of this is conversions and bigger profit for your business. However, mindlessly stuffing content with keywords will not work for you anymore. These days, SEO entails more rigid assessment and some online tools to make it more effective.

To help with your keyword planning for improved content management, here are two of the most tried and tested online tools you can use for free.


As one of the latest free keyword search tools to hit the market, Ubersuggest has the kind of push that paid ones like Moz, SEMrush, or Ahrefs can give. With SEO guru Neil Patel now at the helm of this rebooted keyword search site, you can expect more reliability in coming up with the best keywords list as it now uses such third party Google tools as Keyword Planner and Suggest. Some of the most notable features in the upgraded Ubersuggest include more volume data on both individual keywords which was previously restricted to a limited amount on the stand-alone Google Keyword Planner. The free tool also presents you with cost per click (CPC), and difficulty scores from AdWords which can be useful information if you really want to delve deeper in your SEO campaigns.

Google Suggest on the other hand helps in providing specific keywords that will fit quality content more perfectly in the form of long tail keywords. These are semantically related words in phrases which turn up the most in user searches. The process in finding long tail keywords is much faster and easier in Ubersuggest in a user-friendly interface that’s easy to assess.

Speaking of interfaces, Ubersuggest is also there on top of the tidiest Keyword Search tools list with a clear list of keyword suggestions, useful filters, and negative keyword options. If you’re looking for a free keyword tool that consolidates all the best data out there, then Ubersuggest is absolutely the best one to start with before you opt to get paid ones.


Like Ubersuggest, SimilarWeb is another useful keyword search tool you can use when starting your SEO venture. It ranks a high 8.4 in mainly for its ease of use, presentation of both local and international website traffic, and easy to comprehend result presentations. What’s great about SimilarWeb is that it can give you some insights for your marketing strategies and competitor reviews. It presents you with website metrics by gathering raw data in paid and unpaid searches, social media traffic and related sites among others. You get in-depth results whenever you need figures in a website’s reach, referral sites, ranking, and user engagement as well as website traffic by rank.

On its General Overview dashboard, you will find a wealth of information from geography to display advertising, and even mobile apps with their corresponding ratings while letting you compare two websites on one screen. The results presentations are easy to understand and let you export reports in PDF versions for your presentation needs.

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