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Embracing Digital Post COVID-19

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

This is an article “Embracing Digital Post COVID-19” by Marc Primo

There’s no doubt that today’s new normal has pushed almost 90% of businesses into digital transformation. Data-driven science and technology somehow became a strong option for companies that are looking to achieve their B2B and B2C goals, despite the pandemic. If COVID-19 has affected your operations drastically, embracing digital alternatives is definitely the answer to all your problems.

Embracing Digital Post COVID-19

But it’s not that easy. Simply upping your social media game and improving content won’t get you far enough to widen reach or drive sales. The truth is that even some of the veteran businesses who have undergone their digital transformations years ago are still in the dark as to how to make things work for them.

No need to worry as these tips will help you get to where you want to go in terms of digital marketing in the new normal.

Establish communities online via social media

Social media is your go to place when you want to form communities composed of like-minded individuals. It’s also the right platform to push your brand out there and get people talking about what you can offer.

With 3.8 billion people all over the world using social media platforms, countless possibilities to profit are within your reach. The real challenge is selecting the right social media platform and communicating with the right audience.

Knowing that communities are formed especially when there are pain points to be addressed, focus your social media marketing on how you can help the right market with their problems, and sustain discussions by building a community forum on your pages or website. Assign proper threads for a good mix of your target audiences, (from direct customers to lookalikes) and start reeling in those who are willing to engage with your brand.

Use data to your advantage

Data-driven marketing is one essential you wouldn’t want to miss out on as it enables you to create custom marketing funnels that will improve your strategies.

Amazon is a prime example of how data works to your advantage. The multi-billion dollar company has garnered over 300 million users over the years by studying customer behaviour and preferences through data.

Learning from the Amazon model, you can make data work for you by analyzing what’s available on your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and the many available tools out there for your website to determine the right buyer personas and can come up with improved SEO strategies and customer journeys.

But that’s not all. Data also allows you to determine which slice of your budget needs it the most to convert more customers. Knowing how to work with data keeps your focus on the things that do matter when you're shifting to digital marketing.

Level up your customer experience

Once you have established your communities and have identified the right audiences for your digital marketing strategies, providing the service they expect from your company is the next step. And that’s no surprise at all, especially when 40% of the total consumer population in the country went online for their needs while forced to seek shelter indoors.

All it takes is giving importance to what your customers need, especially during challenging times to create lasting and authentic customer experiences which lead to more loyal followers. Be creative and reactive to how you address their needs, and stir up their interests because most people who go online are looking for solutions more than anything else.

Give your brand a push

Last, but certainly not least, get your brand essence out there and enjoy some good recall from your followers. No matter how small your business is, there is always a potential to engage customers once you’ve identified the right channels, offering promotions and added-services that make your customers’ lives more convenient, and other signature features that can push your brand out in the digital space.

Start simple and post content that matters to your target audiences. Make a continuous study of available data and discover what makes you stand out from the competition, and relevant to the ones you’re talking to online.

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