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A List of the Best E-Conferencing Tools for Digital Marketing

This is an article “A List of the Best E-Conferencing Tools for Digital Marketing” by Marc Primo

So many things have changed in the past year and one that is more significant than others is the way we work. With employers and employees discovering the potential of remote working, more teleconferencing tools have become accessible and available online. Many marketers could say that it was only a matter of time for the popularity of E-conferencing to pick up, considering almost 100% of today’s businesses have shifted to digital solutions.

One report showed that 75% of today’s generation of employees feel more included and productive because of E-conferencing and there’s no denying how it encourages more teamwork with the seamless verbal and visual communication they provide. Online video conferencing software can increase task efficiency at any scale with nearly 100% participation in work meetings, online live events, and webinars that we can’t help but wonder if this is indeed the future of work we are all heading towards.

To keep you updated on the most useful Voice Over IP (VoIP) tools available today, here’s a top-five list picked by experts:


One of the biggest leaders in E-conferencing solutions even before the pandemic, Zoom’s daily downloads shot up 30 times over the past year and has become the number one free app for iOS smartphones in the United States since March of 2020.

With around 200 million daily users today, Zoom has proven to be one of the most preferred E-conferencing platforms for work teams that need up to 40-minute online sessions with a maximum of 100 participants for the free version. So, just imagine what online marketing events you can host or the level of collaboration you can gain with its paid version.

Of course, Zoom is not 100% foolproof having to address some concerns on privacy. There have been instances of ‘Zoombombing’ in the past wherein external users breach security protocols to join and troll team meetings and show disturbing content. Fortunately, the team behind the platform is working to fix these problems so that they can provide more productive experiences via Zoom.


Before the pandemic broke out, Microsoft's Skype was the top app for online chats and video conferencing among friends and family. Today, small businesses are also using the platform to conduct unlimited sessions via a single access link they can simply tap and join from any web browser or any device. Utilizing cloud-based systems, Skype added features including call recordings and options to upgrade to the paid Skype Business version so you can host over 25 participants in team meetings.

By March 2020, the application’s users have also risen to 100 million per month globally with over 40 million using it daily. Those figures translate to an impressive 70% increase since the pandemic. However, another Microsoft E-conferencing solution is fast becoming the top-of-mind choice for digital marketers and other businesses more than Skype. Let’s talk more about what Microsoft Teams is all about.

Microsoft Teams

Experiencing a whopping 110% increase since the start of the year, Microsoft Teams established itself as an E-conferencing solution that focuses on every users’ personal and work life with tools for planning, scheduling, and booking online events. As with both Skype and Zoom, photo, video, presentation, and screen-sharing features are also available on the platform but prove to be more useful when it comes to collaboration due to its to-do-list and assignment features.

The platform is highly customizable for any digital marketer who wants to increase productivity, is integrated with other Microsoft online tools, and is included in most Microsoft 365 accounts which makes it quite the all-in-one E-conferencing platform for teams that highly rely on Windows desktops.

Google Meet

Easily one of the most accessible video conferencing platforms out there today, Google Meet boasts a highly user-friendly interface where you can access other Gmail apps in an instant. Formerly known as Hangouts Meet, the platform is free and allows you to host 60 or fewer minutes of meetings for up to 100 participants in a single call.

The platform also has 24/7 customer support, multiple screen layouts, noise-cancellation, and real-time caption features that are all included in its free version. Though perhaps the most significant benefit digital marketers can get out of Google Meet is its integration with other G Suite products that are all designed to complement each other and come with high-level encryption protocols. Using the platform definitely proves to be a steal with its many features available without having to pay for anything or being committed to a monthly subscription.

Cisco Webex Meetings

Lastly, the Cisco Webex Meetings platform offers digital marketers more sophisticated E-conferencing solutions that include speaker tracking, polling, screen sharing, multiple layouts, and unlimited HD video that are all useful for interactive online meetings.

Tools designed to heighten productivity during sessions make this platform one of the most ideal platforms for live E-events and large-scale conferences today where you can organize breakout sessions, draw on virtual whiteboards, and even personal meeting rooms within sessions.

However, limitations are present on its free version with a maximum of 100 participants for no longer than 50 minutes per session. Users can enjoy a clean and intuitive interface with the option to share other applications or record sessions via the cloud for up to 10 GB.

Fun features like emoji buttons that can be displayed through hand gestures are also available within the platform to make meetings more engaging.

The real benefits of E-conferencing

Today’s E-conferencing technology has reached new heights that make them essential tools in any type of business. They are cost-efficient, scalable, and flexible as communication solutions you can readily access via the cloud and offer big benefits with the right security software in place.

Aside from these, digital marketers can enjoy remote work conveniently, optimize participation among team members, and have that sustained competitive advantage for business with integrated tools within a single platform. Of course, any professional would love to have these features at their disposal, and having free options to use them all the more contribute to better productivity. The good news is that things are only getting better, so expect more innovative E-conferencing features in the near future.


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