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What You Should Know Before Hiring a PPC Company

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

The following is an article “What You Should Know Before Hiring a PPC Company” by Marc Primo.

If you want to increase online traffic for your website, then Google Ads is one of your best bets. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the most effective marketing tools today that can generate more leads and sales for your business. However, not knowing what you need from a PPC company may lose you more money instead of benefiting from it.

Things to know before hiring PPC Company

Most businessmen find it difficult to allot ample time to manage their marketing campaigns due to hectic schedules. However, they are also aware that digital marketing is one of the key factors that can spell their business’s success. That’s why many companies resort to hiring a PPC agency to make their campaigns work. The problem is not all PPC agencies are right for what you need in terms of budget, objectives, and marketing.

Before you determine which PPC company is the right one for your business, ask yourself these four important questions:

Will they analyze search term results?

Reviewing your search term results give you the true values of online traffic to your website through PPC. Only a few know the difference between a ‘search term’ and a ‘keyword’ and this may cause blunders in the way you use your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. ‘Search terms’ are the exact words that your target market may enter in search engines like Google, while ‘keywords’ are what GoogleAds create for a given ad category that targets similar markets. Make sure you hire a PPC agency that can give you keyword and search term reports, so they can make the proper SEO conversions and ensure that your website comes out on top with relevant customer searches.

Can they handle negative keywords?

Sometimes, your search term results don’t return the right keywords failing to drive traffic to your business. Some are even completely useless or low-performing. Your PPC agency should be able to remain proactive in managing such negative keywords within the ad category and campaign levels so that when customers search you on Google, those negative keywords won’t prevent your ads from reaching them. Once your PPC company is able to handle the negative keywords, search terms from your ad campaigns will have better chances of showing up on top.

Will they make an effort to understand your business?

This is another important question before you shake hands and close the deal with a PPC agency. If your PPC agency is not really versed on your business model then it won’t be able to produce keywords that will convert as per that in your search reports as well. For example, users may enter unfamiliar words in the search fields such as “bio-fermentor” for an iron and steel mill plant business. PPC agencies should make sure that your company appears on the search volume and that the search term becomes a relevant keyword in your website, even though it’s not the exact term so long as it’s relevant to the business. Continuously communicate with your service provider and feed them relevant updates on your products and services so that they can be proactive with their PPC approaches.

Can they track conversions?

An essential part of the job when increasing online traffic is proper tracking of conversions, specifically via DNI tracking or dynamic number insertion. This call tracking feature on your website will assign unique phone numbers to online sources and will later display the same numbers for your online visitors through a particular source. If a customer clicks on your ad and calls into your business, then your PPC ad has done its job. Talk to your PPC company and ask the proper tracking options for your business. They should also be able to put a DNI script on your website to ensure that everything works according to plan.

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