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The Four ‘Musts’ Of Digital Marketing

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

The following is an article “The Four ‘Musts’ Of Digital Marketing” by

Marc Primo.

When planning to enter the somewhat crowded world of digital marketing, it’s easy to miss out on some tools that can help you stand out from the pack but knowing the essentials could help you establish effective marketing strategies in no time.

The Four ‘Musts’ Of Digital Marketing

Innovation continues to evolve and dictate today’s online trends, and 67% of marketers admit to an increase in sales directly attributed to digital marketing initiatives. Launching your own business online requires you to familiarize yourself with some crucial tools that can help boost your own campaign. Of course, these tools come after you have conceptualized your framework which includes identifying your target market, understanding their needs and worries, crafting your proposition, setting out growth goals, designing a lead strategy, and determining your budget.

Once you’re done with your drawing board, it’s now time to set out the tools that can help you establish your company online. Here are four ‘musts’ in planning your digital marketing journey.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Content is definitely king, and learning about SEO helps the king conquer its subjects. Among others, SEO requires you to meticulously manage content, identify keywords and backlinks, optimize features for both mobile and desktop platforms, and ensure that you get your messages across directly to your target market. For many, SEO is the key to increasing their online traffic and improving page rank. As always, it will remain as one of the most reliable tools for digital marketing.

Visual Marketing

Remember that time when you suddenly forgot about your diet after seeing Paris Hilton gobble up a beefy burger? That’s visual marketing and it is one of the ‘musts’ that can significantly improve your online engagement. Bloggers know this by heart as visuals help attract online users to their sites. Google Reverse Search has also enabled users to directly get text-based content from various sites. Visual content gets shared and reaches a wider range of audiences by 150% than those without images and harmonizing your visuals with your written content can push your online influence to higher levels.

Voice Search

You have probably met Alexa, Google, Siri, Cortana and the many speaker assistants that have invaded a number of households and offices today. Digital marketers have begun considering voice searches as a useful tool in gaining traffic to their sites. This however depends on how you effectively use your SEO keywords or consider partner providers that offer voice recognition services. Nonetheless, jumping into the voice assistant bandwagon lets you in on a new terrain of digital marketing where the technology is projected as a $600 million industry before the year ends.

Email automation and marketing

If you wish to bolster your B2C and B2B marketing by concentrating your efforts on content management, visual marketing, and voice search, making use of an effective email automation and marketing strategy is definitely a good idea. In doing so, consider how you would define your concept, personalization, and timing in disseminating updates and information. The main advantages here are getting your word faster, and making use of a reliable platform that will effectively connect you with your target market.

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