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How to Make More Out of Your Content Marketing Efforts

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

This is an article “How to Make More Out of Your Content Marketing Efforts” by Marc Primo

SEO is all about written content. It can generate leads and build reputation while also being able to humanize your brand’s identity. Nowadays, when digital efforts have lorded over traditional marketing in targeting consumers, marketers everywhere are always on the lookout for the best and latest innovations to amp their marketing. That’s simply because being left behind can spell more losses than any gain at all.

Content marketing efforts

What marketers love about content management is how interesting the whole process works, not to mention how effective it can be with basic tools that are widely available online. It has become a huge boost to companies that digital ad spend grew by 6% worldwide, despite the global pandemic’s effects on the economy mainly through social media and video streaming among others.

With this, it’s time to shape up your content marketing efforts and find out new ways to optimize your content.

Structure what you post

From doing proper research on your content topics and keywords to ensuring that all SEO tools are in order, you achieve the first step in creating a more efficient structure for your posts. The next one involves promoting it further to target audiences by integrating backlinks so you can gain a higher number of organic visitors who can help push your content across multiple platforms. This will eventually increase your brand visibility and follower engagement while also giving you some good social media listening insights.

Optimize your keyword research tools

One common oversight most small and medium businesses commit with their content marketing strategies is not paying much attention to keywords. For 2021, you’ll certainly need a certified SEO pro to capitalize on the potentials that SEO keywords really offer. One who can monitor current trends about how Google’s algorithms pick which pages to rank via keywords.

To optimize your keyword research, look for evergreen words or terms that stay fresh and relevant for a long time and fill up a good third of your blog posts with those terms, and some trending keywords for the rest. You’ll want to target keywords that have 10 to 20 visitors per month with search volumes of around 20 to get more clicks. Those with a higher volume might only lead to more ranking competition which can place you behind so many other entries in search result pages.

Optimize your title and meta tags

Up to the present, old ad rules such as how consumers focus more on the headlines than the main content itself. This means that your title tags have the strongest potential to stir interest for audiences, and give out signals for Google Search regarding the nature of your brand and content. Keep your titles SEO-optimized by including your target keyword in the headlines. Google cuts out anything that exceeds 60 characters for title tags so always keep them short and simple. Try to come up with a list of optimized topics and compose your headlines from those. If you can, add percentage figures or plain numbers as those work well with Google Search with 36% more clicks than those without.

For meta descriptions, keep them shorter than the allotted 150 characters. Around 120 will do provided they serve their purpose as free ads for your headline. Include a call to action or statements that ask consumers about their pain points so that they will be encouraged to click and learn more about your brand.

Structuring content, researching more available tools, and optimizing SEO by cutting down a bit appear to both work for consumers and Google Search this 2021. This way, and by also retaining the many things we’ve learned from previous years like avoiding keyword stuffing, choosing the right images, and captioning wherever possible, you’ll get more useful clues to improve your strategies and give your audience the quality of content they really want to receive.

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