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Optimize Online Traffic with the Google Search Console

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

This is an article “Optimize Online Traffic with the Google Search Console” by Marc Primo

Just like how credit card owners want to maintain good standing with their bank, so too should SEO practitioners with Google in terms of earning good search rankings. The Google Search Console allows you to check your indexing status and help you boost your online presence. Suffice it to say, it’s your best friend if you are aiming to enhance your organic search results performance.

Optimize Online Traffic with the Google Search Console

Entering your URL on the search console gives Google access to your website and pages where it crawls your content, monitors spam, and keeps it clean from posting issues while giving you several useful data for your SEO strategies. It shows you your website traffic, errors, and search results, plus it’s so easy to set up.

Read on to find out how this essential SEO tool could really work for you.

Know search queries and high-performing keywords

Back in the day, the go-to tool for finding search queries was via Google Analytics. These days, the Google Search Console allows you to discover useful keyword data, click-through rates, and a whole lot more. This data will give you insights as to how your website and pages are performing online, and just how effectively you use your specific keywords.

To use the Google Search Console, simply click on start and enter your URL. Go to your search analytics report under search traffic then select the most crucial data that will give you more insight into your website or page’s performance such as clicks, CTR, and impressions among others. Select what you want to analyze in the report so you can see the keywords that are performing well for your site, as well as users’ search queries.

Review backlinks

Backlinks are links to your site that come from another website, much like how a citation works. It promotes your site and gives it more street cred, especially if it comes from another reliable source. You can identify which sites use your links via the Google Search Console, thereby giving you a report on which sites link to yours regularly or otherwise. Knowing all this can help you improve your content and address further backlinks that can boost your traffic.

Why are backlinks important? Aside from giving you a push for online traffic, organic rankings depend on them because search engine result pages (SERP) often display sites with the most external backlinks. Creating broader content to diversify your backlinks from credible sites with high domain authorities can greatly increase your Google SERP performance.

Boost your HTML performance

The Google Search Console can also help you improve your HTML performance by identifying unnecessary content such as large images, page elements, and coding errors that will slow down your site speed and eventually lower your ranking.

You can run your website via Google’s PageSpeed Insights to determine if there is an existing problem, then consult the search console to determine what exactly is lowering your site speed. Simply go to your dashboard and check out the HTML improvements report tab to find culprit issues. You can then get a list of recommendations on how to fix them, including HTML improvement suggestions for better coding on your site.

Following these three tips can certainly optimize your website for increased online traffic. Mastering Google’s very useful online tools makes your SEO work easier and gives you great results, without even making a dent on your marketing budget.

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