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Long-form Videos and Their Benefits

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

The following is an article “Long-form Videos and Their Benefits” by Marc Primo.

Online users’ attention span for video content is currently at a mere eight seconds, especially for social media apps such as Tiktok, Snapchat, and Instagram Stories. Nowadays, people like what they see on their mobile devices on the fly but that doesn’t mean that these engagements always lead to conversion. So the question is: is the art of the long-form video as content for marketing dead? The answer is a resounding ‘no’.

Benefits of long form video

Though online users find short-form videos more appealing as they can devour more content in their own time, long-form videos can still do a more promising job when it comes to digital marketing as it provides more information about what people are looking for and can create brand loyalty. Depending on the quality of your videos, content that goes beyond the 30-second mark will create for you a more diverse digital marketing campaign that can give you an edge over your competitors.

Here are three of the best reasons why.

It creates a connection with your audience

The average adult netizen spends nearly six hours a day streaming video content so producing long-form videos no matter how they may seem costly and time-consuming are definitely worth it. The main objective will always be to create a connection with your target market and online users are so hungry for fresh content that most of them check in to their favorite sites daily.

Long-form content can dictate your audience’s mood and create emotional bonds with your brand if you get your message across effectively. Perhaps the basic rule in using over 3-minute videos for your campaigns is that you should put in the time when producing them so that your audiences may do the same when they get to watch them.

You can create stories that matter

More than dynamic and eye-catching visuals and treatments, stories are the main reason why audiences stick around to watch long-form videos. That’s because stories are the most effective ways to instill messages and information in consumers’ memories. Putting in human elements can engage those who watch your videos and give you a brand recall that’s worth your money.

Many such B2B and B2C videos like Patagonia’s “Worn Wear”, GE’s “Into The Wild”, and BMW’s “The Escape” have achieved wide mileage by creating more than five minutes of video. And it’s awesome that anyone can easily produce a low-budget yet quality video nowadays so if you get your stories right, you can expect people to watch your content and lead you closer to becoming a household name.

It goes well with your SEO

All forms of content are significant to your SEO strategies, most especially long-form videos which account for 63% of users’ all-time viewing online. You get to take advantage of putting in more keywords on meta descriptions for your videos which increases your chances of gaining more online traffic. If your target audiences watch your video in its entirety, you also reflect higher relevance in search engines. More than that, long-form videos help your organic visibility, conversions, and results in Google Analytics.

Creating quality long-form videos can give you more benefits if you play your cards right. All it takes is some good old storytelling, modern treatments and elements, and interesting characters to get the job done. If you don’t know the first thing about producing videos, there are many professionals out there who are willing to help in flexing your budget. If you have the money for it, you might also want to consider creating an episodic series so online users who are loyal to your brand can be excited about visiting your websites and social media accounts from time to time.

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