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How to Find the Best Sites For Your Guest Posts

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

The following is an article “How to Find the Best Sites For Your Guest Posts” by Marc Primo Pulisci.

Digital PR should always be part of your marketing campaigns and guest posts have a lot to do with making your content more relevant to your target market. Guest posts build good associations and strong links, so it is essential for you to find the best sites where you place your content strategically.

How to find guest post blogs

The first question we have to address is how you can attain good ROI from other sites, then nurture continuing relationships to accommodate your guest posts.

Here are a few insights you can review to bolster your digital marketing plans by bringing your content to more of your target market.

Focus on relevant publishers

All serious digital marketers know that content is king and being a true thought leader, when it comes to what you want your readers to get from you, can spell your success. If you truly believe in your content, then the next step should be finding the best sites that are trusted by similar markets as yours. Seek the ones who you can share and value relevant SEO keywords with about your niche or those that are already authorities online with significant figures in readership, following and engagement. Make a shortlist of your prospective sites and begin corresponding with its owners from there by telling them your plans and how they can help your site or what they can get in return. Be mindful of how you build relationships, and should you get a hard “no”, don’t sweat it out and create unnecessary competition.

Remember that pushing for digital PR and building relationships with everyone is a key factor in making you a legit blog post authority.

Study your data reports well

As in all aspects of digital marketing, studying which sites are the best to pitch your guest posts should also be driven by data. These include determining which keywords are best for your post as representatives of your niche or industry and which influencer sites use them, the backlinks these influencers share, and the aggregated top domains shared data for each. These can all help you visualize not only the network of publishers you can tap for your guest posts but also which ones have can generate for you the highest ROI. Data can also tell you which communities your target markets belong to and what relevant keywords you can use in terms of their search intent. For this, you should use SEO influencer tools such as BuzzSumo, Moz, or Search Engine Land that can give you your target SEO clusters.

Review Content Marketing Influencer Graphs

Online tools that generate these types of graphs can help you determine what trend your target market is looking for in terms of content. By studying the fragmentation and central sources that content marketing influencer graphs generate, you can adjust your content strategies when it comes to your guest posts to make the right fit for other host websites. The graphs will also show which are the best market leaders online and just how much content they publish on a frequency.

These insights may not surprise seasoned digital marketing practitioners, but they serve newbies or those transitioning into fresh niches with good first steps to follow. Once you get the hang of it and develop a more profound understanding of how thought leadership works through guest postings, moving forward with your content marketing strategies can be a piece of cake.

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