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Digital Marketing At A Low Budget

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

The following is an article “Digital Marketing At A Low Budget” by Marc Primo.

Lesson number one: Never let a small budget hinder your digital marketing success. In fact, today’s digital era may be the best time for you to set up your business with plenty of free solutions online. While you may face certain limitations, having a lack of funds can also help you develop better ideas to grow your business.

Low budget digital marketing

In today’s age of startup companies and the online market, entrepreneurs have access to a number of solutions that can lead to a successful marketing campaign. Two of the key traits you’ll need when working with a small budget are creativity and knowledge. Being resourceful and knowing the available tools at your disposal can jumpstart you into a thriving venture.

Here are some you’d want to look into:

SEO Analyzer

Every digital marketer knows that search engine optimization (SEO) is vital when managing content for your website or social media accounts. One free tool you can use to ensure that you have the right keywords for better ranking on search engine results pages (SERP), is an SEO Analyzer. The process is plain and simple: just enter your website’s URL and you instantly get comprehensive feedback on your SEO strategies and determine the number of earned backlinks. You may even check that of your competition for comparison or try other free SEO Analyzers to get a sharper perspective on how your website is actually doing.


Approximately 77% of internet users read online blogs and it is one of your best bets for an effective online marketing strategy. These blogs can give you a 400% increase in traffic if it has proper backlinks leading back to your website. Over 400 million people read blogs on their social media platforms, so just imagine the potential reach you can tap into when you write engaging content for your target market. Keep your posts fresh and refrain from using irrelevant and repetitive keywords that will turn off your readers. Also as a rule, always make sure that your contact information is displayed prominently within your website or blog.

Facebook Groups

You have access to an array of communities on Facebook and your business can benefit when you join the right ones. Members of these groups usually share a common interest and this allows you to reach the proper target markets faster. Do not resort however to posting ads and spam as these can get you banned by moderators. Instead, participate and share valuable content and ideas. Scroll through comments and search for the right questions that can lead members to your blog posts. When you have established your credibility, invite other members to your own Facebook group where you can formally introduce your business.

Google Maps

More and more people rely on Google Maps to look for businesses so you also need to make sure that your details are always updated on the platform. Link Aggregator Groups often rely on Google Maps to gather information on businesses. If you have a Google ID and a physical mailing address, you can simply sign up for Google My Business to easily spread information about your business. Local customers can also easily contact you when they need to via Google Maps.

Having a low budget does not spell the end of your business dreams. Generating more leads and better traction does not always mean that you have to break the bank each time. Always try to be in the loop on the latest marketing trends to discover new strategies.

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