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How to Enhance Your Marketing Efforts via Machine Learning

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

The following is an article “How to Enhance Your Marketing Efforts via Machine Learning” by Marc Primo.

Integrating the potentials of artificial intelligence (AI) in business is no longer a thing that is unheard of for most of today’s companies. Most businesses also acknowledge the need to keep pace with existing technologies specifically machine learning for their respective marketing strategies. And as data is now one of the most important commodities in any field of industry because it promotes improved customer conversion and engagement, it can also give companies a good idea and bird’s eye perspective of the current market scenario through machine learning.

Marketing with machine learning

Why should you entertain the idea of investing in this new tool for your marketing efforts? Here are a few things you should consider.

Everyone’s going digital

Machine learning is a branch of AI that lets you analyze data through systematic automation. In business, it can basically help you come up with a marketing design model that can give you a more reliable picture of your customers’ shopping patterns, preferences, interests, and purchasing power among others. Today, almost 75% of global companies are now undergoing digital transformation and most of these businesses acknowledge that machine learning is an investment that they should definitely not say “no” to.

Customers are more responsive to experiential marketing

Machine learning is a significant tool in giving your customers a unique online shopping experience that will satisfy them and keep them coming back. Having the ability to present a tailor-made interface in each of your customers’ computer or mobile phone screen helps them in their browsing and purchasing activities. With machine learning and data analysis, you will be able to direct them to more precise sites that they are looking for within your website. This makes it a whole lot easier for them to buy your products. Machine learning can also offer them alternatives when what they are looking for are out of stock, or direct them to a customer service assistant that can encourage them to explore more of what you have to offer. More personalized shopping experience lets your customers know that you are listening to what they need and are doing something about it so you can satisfy them.

You can optimize your content

Many are wondering if machines take the same approach as how humans do when it comes to learning. The answer here is both yes and no. Like us humans, most machines also gather data to know more about a particular object or individual. What differs though is how these machines process data in a systematic manner that’s devoid of emotion or instinct like we do. It will take years or perhaps decades before we can really see a machine behave or think like humans as they learn. But for marketing aspects, machine learning can be used to analyze customer problems and needs then offer viable solutions or in this case, content. Through A/B testing, machines can identify what works well with your target customers in terms of search intents, design, SEO keywords and more. It helps you establish a stronger connection with your audience by analyzing information and generating feedback that will help you adjust your content marketing approaches. One example of machine learning that optimizes your content is Google Rank Brain which reviews online users’ query and presents search matches with great accuracy.

If you have a business but was previously living under a rock for years, being aware of today’s fast-paced digital revolution is a must. As a start, familiarizing yourself with machine learning can definitely help you learn more about today’s market and how you can reach them effectively.

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