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Customer Experience in the Age of Digital Commerce and Marketing

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

This is an article “Customer Experience in the Age of Digital Commerce and Marketing” by Marc Primo.

With the giant strides that online tech giant Amazon is currently making, retailers are in the midst of a new advent in commerce and marketing. As many say, first-party data is today’s most valuable commodity with businesses getting more in touch with their customers’ needs and preferences making for a much worthwhile purchasing experience.

Customer experience management

What shapes this renaissance in online commerce is how businesses create engaging stories in their ads. A huge percentage of consumers prefer this type of channel strategy nowadays with many saying that compelling content influences their shopping patterns and behavior. In fact, 72% of millennial consumers say they buy fashion and beauty products based on what they see on Instagram. In other words, today’s digital marketing inspires consumer insights that produce relevant data for more productive campaigns.

Pushing your digital marketing efforts forward to achieve a better customer experience can take shape in a number of ways. Here are a few that can help you.

Upgrade your online customer experience

People who go online are looking for something that can captivate them in a way that it improves their way of life, entertain them, or pique their interests. This is also the main goal in every e-commerce marketing venture. Not many consumers are influenced when they go on a website and see the same boring template. What today’s consumers are looking for is an elevated experience when they come and visit your page. They appreciate tools that can make things more convenient for them from browsing for products, to reading reviews or checking out and making a purchase. Most businesses are now using advanced e-commerce features that can limit the layers from search to purchase including discount and promotion code tools, search engine, a blog and article section, and email marketing integration. Ask your marketing team how you can install these types of features within your website to gain more conversions.

You can’t spell ‘customer’ without the word ‘custom’

Thanks to today’s variety of marketing tools, businesses can now review consumer data to improve their customer experiences online. By personalizing design and content that specific consumers see on their mobile devices or desktops, you have a stronger chance to convince your customers to avail of your services or buy your products. All it takes is to simply develop and design a customized online journey that starts from a consumer’s search intent entry and ends in providing the best products you can offer. Keep it straightforward as direct-to-consumer (D2C) businesses are in the best position to achieve personalized content for their target audiences via story ads.

Top of the funnel marketing via social media

Top of the funnel marketing, or ToFu, mainly focuses on raising awareness in a new niche market or product, leaving the rest of the funnel to consumers who already know your brand or have already made business transactions. And where else can you best tell your story ads in your pursuit for discovery than in social media where 3.5 billion people worldwide go for content. Bear in mind though that social media is just one stop in a consumer’s journey which should lead to discovering useful insights for more quality content when you personalize the customer experience. Step-by-step, ToFu via social media starts with engaging your target audience and discovering your reach, followed by data analysis to determine consumer behaviour, and finally to conversion.

The trick is to stay connected and create ways for your target audiences to stay engaged with your brand through digital marketing. Stay true to your brand’s promise because you can hurt your business just as fast as you can build it online. Again, it all boils down to telling your stories effectively that you are able to tap the consumers’ touchpoints, exceed their expectations, satisfy their curiosities, and earn their loyalty.

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