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Why Social Media Remains a Top Channel for Consumers

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

This is an article “Why Social Media Remains a Top Channel for Consumers” by Marc Primo

Creating connections with your consumers through social media and integrating an efficient marketing and content management plan to build engagement remains to be one of the most surefire ways to influence people online. Doing all the right things can even put your brand at the top of the ranks, and while social media was initially intended as a more personal broadcasting and interacting platform for various user types, today’s platforms have evolved into necessary tools that are allowing more people to get involved with their favorite brands.

Why Social Media Remains a Top Channel

Here are just some of the reasons why social media continues to be an important facet in how companies, large or small, can boost their sales in 2021.

It’s a good tool for efficient customer service

Social media has made it easier for brands to easily interact with their consumers and target other potential followers by being present on the platforms in real time and addressing pain points with a little customer service. Users can easily access a brand’s pages and feeds, engage and offer feedback so that more users can build their own perception around the brand, and marketers can take advantage of this to plan on how they can build their online presence on a wider scale and in multiple channels.

Aside from saving a lot of time (via tools that can automate standard responses), and money (with organic posts that can help push featured products and services to more audiences and communities), social media is effective when it comes to a ‘quick contact’ approach which allows marketers to monitor what goes on in their various pages, know what their followers are thinking, and troubleshoot problematic areas all at the same time.

Every platform offers something different

Marketing in various channels and staying consistent with your content management plan can do your brand a lot of good in terms of reaching more lookalike audiences. Try reviewing what sets platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram apart and choose which ones are preferred by your main and target audiences.

This year, Facebook is still the undisputed king of social media with 2.74 billion users worldwide. However, the platform has recently imposed stricter ad policies and community standards to further improve its user experience and do away with fake news, trolls, and conspiracy theorists. You might want to check if your paid ads comply with Facebook’s guidelines first before posting to avoid having them flagged or worse, your ad account shut down.

Right now, practically every social media is quick to flag ads that feature provocative images and copies that promote clinical treatments, adult and sexual products and services, dating sites, surgeries, cryptocurrency, those that discourage vaccination programs, and those that commit copyright infringement.

Consumers want to be part of your story

Consumers turn to social media to define their daily lifestyles. They review ads that will either entice them to try out new things or otherwise, which in turn offers marketers better flexibility and access to some significant data.

By establishing a ‘give-and-take’ type of communication that makes your followers feel part of your growth process and gives you useful insights in return, you can drastically improve your services while making your consumers feel that they are part of your brand’s story. This further promotes loyalty and encourages them to recommend your product or service to their own respective networks.

One of the best ways to fast track this type of communication with your customers is by reaching out to them and asking them how they genuinely feel about your brand. Customer service doesn’t necessarily have to be a simple tool for troubleshooting. These days, you can use it to anticipate your customers’ needs and let them know that you can make their lives easier and that they do need your brand. To sum it all up, and anchor on the term ‘social media’ itself-- use your accounts as a platform to communicate with your followers, build a functioning community around your product or service, and help each other through thick and thin from there.

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