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Why Digital Training is Important in Marketing

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

This is an article “Why Digital Training is Important in Marketing” by Marc Primo

Taking on any career requires constant learning but in the ever-changing world of digital, continuous training is as essential as wings on a plane. Companies shouldn’t stop once they’ve hired the right people to do the job but rather continue to invest in manpower development, especially when it comes to digital marketing today.

Why Digital Training is Important in Marketing

Now that we know how important training is to keep abreast of the evolving digital marketing landscape, a set of questions is needed that must be addressed before we take the next steps. What type of training should you give your employees? What can these training programs really give your company in terms of savings and higher productivity?

Here are a few insights that can help you answer those questions:

Improvement doesn’t stop

If you are a company that’s already highly invested in digital marketing, you should already know that your clients only want the best results from you. One way to keep them secure is by constantly trying to improve your workforce’s digital know-how through relevant seminars and workshops that can maximize output values.

Keeping your standards above the competition gives your clients more reason to trust you as a company much more when they see improvements across the board. It’s not so easy to say for companies that they have already mastered the art of digital marketing. Some agencies can offer more than others, but what you may want to focus on are viable unique selling points that you can offer your client and build your services from there. Aim for higher productivity and lower cost because that’s what clients will always look for first. The more you improve internally, the more it will show outward for higher digital trustworthiness and ‘socmed cred’.

There’s ease of access

If today's methods of training haven’t really caught your fancy yet, perhaps knowing how affordable and more convenient they are now will change your mind. With advanced technologies and countless useful online tools and platforms around, making a long-term commitment for continuous employee empowerment is easier to realize more than ever. Plus, there are hundreds of great resource speakers and thought leaders out there who are willing to help you out.

Along with the emergence of COVID-19, offline courses have spiked all over the world with an expected market growth of $6.22 billion by 2022. But these are not just confined to the many schools that opted for e-learning due to the pandemic. Ninety percent of companies have now resorted to webinars and online workshops because they entail less cost and offer employees more flexibility.

Development is always key

Did you know that LinkedIn recently discovered how 94% of employees are more likely to stay with companies that provide relevant courses? That especially holds true in the digital industry wherein offered developmental training modules are viewed as added perks to their compensation.

Professionals always want to develop their skills for career advancement, more external projects to handle in their free time, and personal growth. Giving them the right webinars and workshops upgrades their values and lets them know that you are rooting for them. Of course, your company will also gain from your employees’ productivity once they finish their courses. Digital marketing in particular continues to create updates more frequently than any other industry so you should always keep a tab on the latest tech, software, tools, and processes available to get an upper hand.

There’s also no denying how fast the digital landscape is changing (think 5G, data, or analytics), and you wouldn’t want your employees’ skills to stagnate. Some important factors to always be on the lookout for are Google Search, SEO, and social media updates among many others which can drastically affect your marketing strategies if you take a break and relax for a long while.

Keeping everyone in your company in the loop with what’s currently going on in the digital industry leads you closer to marketing goals and can even open up new opportunities for you. It keeps communication effective among the workforce and your clients feeling safe in your able hands.

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