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What You Should Look For When it Comes to Web Hosting

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

The following is an article “What You Should Be Looking For When it Comes to Web Hosting” by Marc Primo.

According to, e-commerce fraud rose to 45% for a total loss of $57.8 billion across eight industries in 2017. With these numbers, small companies are in a quagmire as the investment to battle such cyber crimes as data or online shopping frauds in court can be too costly and can bring down even an empire. Today, a good web hosting service is your first line of defense to prevent your company from falling victim to such digital scams.

Things to look when it comes to Web hosting

Old school business owners might think twice about hiring a web hosting provider given their years of being afloat without it. However, in today’s business climate when everything is transforming digitally and significant profits are being gained online, web hosting is fast-becoming more of a necessity than an option.

If you happen to be one of those who are still clueless about the benefits of web hosting, then here’s a guide that can help you remain competitive in this age of digital transformation.

Web hosting mainly provides you with efficient data security, but also gives you great advantages in terms of communication and logistics. Given that even a small business can gather voluminous data from its customers and employees, web hosting providers can give you the push you need for more profit by keeping you safe from data theft and streamlining processes altogether.

When looking for a good web hosting provider, here are a few factors you should look into before you sign on the dotted line.

Speed and Bandwidth

Data travels fast online and these two are the main features that make the B2B and B2C processes more efficient. Speed and bandwidth give your system tools a boost in performing particular tasks while managing the flow of data from your server to your customers and partners. Many providers can offer you unlimited bandwidth with high speeds but for higher charges so better figure out what your business needs the most first. If you only need a few features such as email and shopping functionalities then you might be able to save a few dollars by opting for a capped service instead.

Data Security

Perhaps one of the more important factors you should consider in shopping for a web hosting provider, data security is your primary concern should you decide to join the digital transformation bandwagon. Make sure you review your web hosting provider’s security features so that your system is protected from malware and your firewall is always up to date. You can ensure this by studying your provider’s security credentials and how effective their malware filters really are based on reviews and testimonials from their other clients.

Scope of services

It is also imperative that you discuss your business needs with your provider and determine how much random access memory, bandwidth, storage space, email features and the like you really need. Ask the valid questions and don’t feel awkward if you don’t know the technical terms and processes that go along with web hosting. Understanding what it does for you is what you are really paying for so try to gain some insights from your provider on what advantages you can get should you decide to hire them. In fact, you simply have to jot down your business needs and let your provider present solutions for each one of your concerns so you can have a gauge on what they can really offer.


Having technical support anytime you need it is also important when looking for a good web hosting provider. Never settle for chatbot assistance and ask your provider if they have real time assistance wherein you can actually talk to an expert when some troubleshooting is required. Every second counts in business and losing a couple of minutes because your website is down can translate to losses so make sure your provider is always ready to help especially if you are not really that tech-savvy.


Lastly, consider the price you’re going to have to pay your provider as there are some out there who can dupe you into paying more for less. Ask for flexible deals you can choose from and figure out if speed, space, and security are your main basic priorities. There’s nothing wrong with investing in a good web hosting provider especially if you are planning to grow your business in a few years, but try to review where your money goes for each of the features your provider offers first.

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