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Weird Mobile Apps We Don’t Need But Want To Try

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

The following is an article “Weird Mobile Apps We Don’t Need But Want To Try” by Marc Primo.

It seems like we have an app for everything. Even for the things we don’t really need. With thousands of mobile apps available on Google Play and the App Store, more users are screening their phones for which useful ones to download and keep or which they can delete to save some storage space. In some cases, we come across a few that we know won’t do much for us but download them anyway just to get an experience out of it. Most of the time, the experience can be summed up with an eye-roll or facepalm.

Weird mobile apps

Across the globe, more and more developers are looking for new ways to create mobile apps that can make life more convenient or exciting. There are 2.7 billion smartphone users today and most of them are downloading apps for games, business, education, lifestyle, and entertainment. With so many available apps these days, most developers are at a loss on new ways to engage the market. Some are probably on the brink of desperation or simply want to be different that they come up with the craziest ideas.

Here are some top picks for the most cringe-worthy apps that we somehow all want to try.


The lack of potable water is a global crisis. Fortunately for New York residents, there is an app call Reefill that delivers tap water for only $1.99. The app has been proven useful to people who don’t have faucets in their homes or those who are simply too lazy to get up and get a glass in the kitchen. While the noble cause behind the app is to allow people to save money and refrain from using bottled water, the fact that drinking water is mostly available in New York makes it a tad ridiculous. Nevertheless, the developers continue to make things better for their customers and have a stunning website to boot. Perhaps soon, they can come out with something that will allow people to breathe cleaner air for a minimal fee.


This is one app that both amazes and confuses its users and it definitely takes the cake for apps that offer more convenience to the laziest of individuals. For one, it encourages you to take a nap from work while devising a way so you don’t get caught by your boss. iNap@Work features simulated sounds of typing, mouse-clicking and even stapling while you take a nap behind your desktop. This modus operandi however, won’t probably work if you’re a mortician. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just click on YouTube on your desktop and search typing sounds instead? More importantly, why are you asking yourself this question? What’s best is to take your 40 winks at home rather than risk your job for a power nap.


Another app designed for when you’re on the job is Hushme. It comes with a voice mask for smartphones that keeps your voice at low levels when you have to scream at someone at the other end. This is so you don’t disturb the normal people who are working around you while you reduce the noise pollution coming from your mouth. It’s the perfect gift for your irate boss or colleague, though they might think twice about wearing the headset that wraps around the mouth and hangs by the neck. Unless they are into Halloween costumes and want to attend a party as Darth Vader.


The name says it all. For only $0.99, you can now run for a quick bathroom break in the middle of a movie without missing pivotal scenes. The developers will give you the best time stamps of a movie for when you need a dash to the restroom. The app is available on both Google Play and the App Store. Just make sure you have to take number 1 and nothing else. Otherwise, you might even miss the end credits.

I Am Rich

Sometimes, we all need an app that will feed our ego. Since 2008, this app has been reassuring its users that they have the dough, are healthy, and successful. Nothing wrong with that, except that you had to pay $999.99 for the mobile app (Today it’s only priced at $8.99, thank goodness?) One thing is for sure. We can say that the app’s developer is both insane and a genius, but sadly we can only say the former to whoever downloads it.

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