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Using Pinterest To Promote Your Brand

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

The following is an article “Using Pinterest To Promote Your Brand” by Marc Primo.

With Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter leading the pack in the social media race, it is easy to underestimate or turn a blind eye to smaller networks and miss out on their potential power. A perfect example of this is Pinterest.

How to promote your brand on Pinterest

If Facebook has evolved into a news aggregator and Instagram into an online photo exhibit, then Pinterest has its own niche wherein it capitalizes on a primitive but universally recognized news and communication format: the bulletin board. That said, using Pinterest is essentially the same as old school bulletin boards, minus the occasional prick on the finger with a host of added benefits that were simply not possible for an old-fashioned cork board. Follow these practical tips and harness the power of Pinterest for your brand today:

Keywords are key

Using keywords to describe your interests in the world of Pinterest is the equivalent of seeing the ubiquitous number sign or hashtag, depending on your age. Since brevity is of the essence, keep your keywords short, snappy, and strong. When in doubt of what keyword to use, put yourself in the shoes of the customer: what would you type first if you wanted to know more about a product that you happen to be selling?

Divert to your blog or website

It’s great that customers are visiting your Pinterest board, but should the ball stop there? After it has served its purpose, leverage on the short time that your captured market has your undivided attention and direct them to your other digital marketing channels. Whether its your website, blog, FB, IG—you name it—what matters is you maximize to full effect the power Pinterest has to offer which and that is to cater to your customers interests.

Expand your pins

Social media is not just about Likes and the comment section. More than anything else, it was conceived with the big idea being that borders and oceans should not stand in the way of people being able to share at the click of a button. Connectivity is the cornerstone of social media, which is why virtually all social media networks allow instant sharing with competitors so that people on different networks can continue to touch base with one another.

Always use images

Wherever you go, pictures will always paint a thousand words. Rather than compose lengthy product descriptions with nary a single visual in sight, do the exact opposite: Pick 2 to 3 of your most engaging images and then craft short, informative copy that sums up what your customer is thinking as he peruses your photos. After all, your high school’s bulletin boards had images to accompany those memos; why reinvent the wheel and do otherwise?

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