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Upgrading Your Marketing Tech for 2021

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

This is an article “Upgrading Your Marketing Tech for 2021” by Marc Primo

No one can deny the importance of modern sales and marketing technology in any type of business today. The real challenge is how you can keep up with the many and rapid advances that offer consumers innovative ways to choose what they want. These days, if you find yourself at the end of the tech stick, chances are they won’t be able to know who you are at all.

Upgrading Your Marketing Tech for 2021

Acquiring new leads is the main objective of marketing tech. From getting new customers to nurturing your relationships and increasing conversion rates, creating a hook and sustaining it is essential—especially in this new normal.

So where should you start? Do you concentrate on automating tasks for faster results or amp up your content management to get your brand out there? This 2021, here are the top tips you can try to grow your business, establish new consumer relationships, and improve your overall digital marketing efforts.

Align your Customer Relationship Management for 2021 Consumers

How you communicate with your desired online audience is the first thing you’d want to look at this 2021. Somehow, a huge shift in consumer behavior and spending became evident in how the global pandemic has affected businesses since early last year. With slashed marketing budgets all around, your old customer relations management (CRM) strategies might not be as appropriate as they used to be from two years back.

Combining automation with modern CRM technologies can give your audience a whole new online purchasing experience while also granting you useful data for optimization. Brush up on your sales and marketing tech, especially now when more solutions are less expensive and faster to implement. One way to go about this is by reviewing HubSpot growth and ecosystem partners and software, then picking those that can help you upgrade your tech towards bigger sales numbers. It’s never too late to adopt a modern CRM and you’ll likely need it most in 2021.

Opt for a singular marketing platform

Side by side with automation is the rise of holistic platforms that have integrated multiple features and functions that can effectively market to target audiences. From optimizing content to processing data and nurturing leads, the year is bright with singular platform prospects that can help you streamline all of your marketing processes.

Consult your digital marketing agency about the latest available platforms out there that can help your unique type of operation fly or do some thorough research if you plan to wing it on your own. While opting to use various platforms for your marketing strategies can still be effective, choosing one provider that can help you with everything you need can cut down on costs and make things simpler in terms of data analysis and interpreting progress reports.

Focus on managing your leads

One of the biggest mistakes companies commit often is the mismanagement of potential leads which can lose them thousands in profit and leave their target audiences with a sour taste that they won’t bother giving it another try. Sometimes, mishandling leads can be attributed to poor planning or even human error during the process, but that’s what technology is actually for.

Modern sales and marketing technologies require proper segmentation and scoring via tools and software that can consistently deliver in every sales cycle. These range from the likes of Zapier which can connect your apps and automate workflows to Drift, a cloud-based business to business (B2B) and live chat app that can connect consumers to your team members in an instant. Making investments like these in 2021 can help you reach more lookalike audiences in the process and convert leads in a more efficient and measurable manner.

Updating your CRM tech, streamlining your platform functionalities, and properly managing your leads via modern tools is absolutely the few good investments you can make right now with a slashed marketing budget. Not only does it help you keep your head above new normal waters, but it can also put you on the track to your most profitable year as well.

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