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Turning Your Leads Into Conversions via Mailers

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

This is an article “Turning Your Leads Into Conversions via Mailers” by Marc Primo

Sending mailers to your leads is similar to a basketball player sinking that last free throw with one second left on the clock for a one point lead. No doubt, it can give you a high percentage to convert your leads into paying customers for the win but of course, there’s alway that remaining one second on the clock which doesn’t make it 100% foolproof. Nonetheless, sending out mailers is definitely a great way to turn those dollars spent on pay per click ads into profit.

Turning Your Leads Into Conversions via Mailers

There are different types of mailers you can send your leads which can help establish a lasting connection further into your marketing funnel. Plus, effective conversions via mailers can absolutely help increase your sales.

The proof is in your content pudding. Meticulously crafting your messages and sending them in intervals to gain as much progressive effect as possible is the secret to turning your PPC leads into conversions. This means you’re going to have to check on your leads from time to time and determine which next line of messaging they should expect.

While only 13.9% of emails from retailers are getting clicked this year, mailers can still be an effective way to give your conversion rates a push. Below are some of the effective templates you could use for your mailers.

Welcome messages

Sending your leads straightforward welcome emails might just be what you need if you want to make successful follow-ups. One way or another, these leads have already shown an interest in your brand. If you send them a warm welcome by telling them how much you want them on board then share more details about your product or service and what they can get out of them, your mailers can serve as a magnet for more sign-ups and trials.

Since these are your first mailers to your leads, welcome emails can be automated which makes it easier for you to manage your mailing list. Welcome emails are a good way to earn your potential customers’ trust, so make good on your content. Around 57.8% customers open their welcome emails from retailers because they instantly feel that they are appreciated and are part of your brand. In other words, welcome emails are your first step in building a good rapport with your leads throughout your content marketing journey.

Expectation messages

Any diner will eagerly await his food order within an expected timeframe, not to mention with service quality and satisfaction. The same goes with your leads when you send them out mailers. Managing their expectations via update emails is important if you want to create an impact on your content marketing efforts.

You can utilize visually appealing art cards to reinforce your messaging and make technical aspects of your emails much simpler. Try to track your expectation emails’ click-open rates so you can determine how interested your leads really are and if you still have to give them further encouragement or move on to the next phase of your marketing funnel. Again, this is why checking up on your leads from time to time is always essential.

Try not to make any promises you can’t keep when sending your leads these types of emails. You’d want to give an air of transparency to gain their trust and more importantly, you wouldn’t want to fail them early on in your marketing relationship.

Lead nurturing emails

A 100% click-through rate for retailer emails will always be a myth. In fact, a huge 79% of marketing leads don’t really turn into conversions due to the absence of lead nurturing efforts.

What you’d want is to send your leads nurturing emails rather than just rely on PPC ads on social media. Format them like a personal letter that takes on a friendly and helpful tone so that your leads can really see you took the time and effort to reach out to them. Keep them less of a sales pitch and more of a value-packed solution that can address their pain points and you’ll see a better click-open rate.

These letters usually end with a call to action button that directs your leads to your landing page so they can take in more information about your brand and products and make things more interesting for them. Like welcome messages, you can automate these mailers which take up the highest percentage in terms of marketing automation values among others including list segmentation.

Keep in touch with your leads and nurture them consistently to enjoy higher click-through rates and so that they don’t just drop off your subscription list quicker than a one-second shot to the hoop.

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