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Top Telecommuting Tools for Agencies

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

This is an article “Top Telecommuting Tools for Agencies” by Marc Primo

If you have recently joined the startup rat race and opted to create a remote workforce, monitoring workflow and communications are one of the main primary concerns you should be dealing with to ensure productivity. Fortunately, there are quite a number of useful tools out there that are free to download to make things a whole lot easier for you.

Telecommuting tools

While the information superhighway is cluttered with hundreds of tools that can help foster collaboration and efficient communication, we’ve narrowed down a list of those that are both user-friendly and have been given high ratings by some of the top startups around. Given that digital agencies have different needs, we’ve selected entries that focus on better connectivity, integration of useful features, and improved collaboration that could help you run a telecommuting workforce stress-free.

Try these out and instantly improve your remote work capabilities.


By utilizing channels, this wonder tool is your best bet if you want smooth-flowing teamwork within your fold. It allows you to message your colleagues in groups or individually, sorts out your files and folders, and can be linked with other business and productivity tools out there such as G-Drive, Monday, Ally, Zoho CRM and over 2,000 other apps. You can save time by having all you need for your business within one platform via app integration and it can give you the flexibility to go from channel to channel and meet team members or clients in one room. It’s actually one of the best tools you can use for remote work as it allows your team to stay focused on work rather than toggling from tool to tool.


Similar to Slack, Trello is another tool with diverse business features that makes telecommuting work and project management easier. It can be integrated with Slack, G-Drive, Jira, and more. It’s a simple yet effective solution for when you need multiple apps to run your business. It has a digital dashboard that can be used like an Eisenhower Box, helping you create, organize, and prioritize the most important matters at hand. You can attach files and photos on project cards for easier access and reference. However, unlike Slack, Trello can have some time-tracking and reporting issues if you are strict with your monitoring. At any rate, it is one of the most useful tools you can find free online that works well with both Android and iOS.

Evernote for Business

Taking down notes and documenting reports are essential for any type of business and Evernote is the king of notes for nearly two decades now. It helps you organize your digital files, from snippets to clippings that you pick up online. Evernote for Business takes you a tier higher in the entrepreneurial realm with remote project management tools that keeps track of important columns such as deadlines, responsible persons, and workflows by keeping them clear and transparent to everyone. Editing, uploading, and sharing notes and files are easy and can be done whether online or offline with any device. Individual files are simply saved on notebooks for convenient curation plus it comes with a handy chat tool to boost your communication with any member of your team anywhere, anytime.


Perfect for digital marketers, Planable is your go-to tool when you want proper management of your social media accounts. It’s one of those tools you can enjoy because it is so easy to use and spares you the hassle of creating time-consuming plans on a spreadsheet. Files can be shared and sent to other team members for review via G-Drive or Dropbox. It’s simply an all-in-one collaboration platform for digital agencies who want to simulate their art and copies first and see how they will look prior to posting them on your social media accounts.

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