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Top Secrets of Professional SEO Writers

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

The following is an article “Top Secrets of Professional SEO Writers” by Marc Primo.

One of the most prevalent digital marketing by-words today is search engine optimization, or SEO. This is not very surprising for practitioners as most content is anchored on SEO to gain organic hits. This is where the technical and creative merge in order to improve your rankings and drive traffic, while generating more awareness to your site. Through this tool, knowing what to write and for whom allows you to gain more traction for your what you sell online.

Secrets of Professional SEO Writers

Most SEO writers are self-taught and good readers who are updated on today’s most relevant issues. With good practice and a drive to keep abreast of the ever-evolving developments in digital marketing, you pretty much got most of SEO covered.

For the rest of the best secrets, here are a couple of vital things you should know to get you going in the right direction.

Know your audience

Everything you write down should always begin with your audience. Identifying the specific individuals you are writing for gives you the proper mindset on how to approach your story in a way that they will care about your content. Determine the purpose of your article and ask yourself what your readers want to know or what answers they really need. This gives your article purpose and turns it into a worthy read.

Know what matters

Make it a point to always focus on what is of interest to your audience. Business blogs answer business questions, and product content should address the customers’ queries about it. This is where your keywords will matter, but more on that on the next item. You should note that anticipating what your audience may ask and knowing the right answers will always be good content. One tip on how to get you in-the-know is to review your competitors’ site and social media accounts, plus check what netizens are talking about on Reddit or Quora.

Know your keywords

When drafting your content with SEO, there’s no more need to worry about matching the exact keywords and forcefully injecting them in your article. Doing this might make it somehow incoherent for your readers and make your articles suffer. These days, Google has a better grasp of the syntax and context clues of online browsers, and long-winded keywords are now often regarded as obsolete.

Know keyword density

Top SEO writers are not too keen on following the standard 2.5% keyword density anymore since Google’s intuitive capabilities have evolved. The use of organic keywords is now preferred over resorting to keyword stuffing back in the day. Just make sure you use them along with your phrases correctly and sensibly. Incoherent writing can be detected by search engines and will send your rankings plummeting. Worse, audiences will refrain from reading your posts and decide that your content isn’t really for humans but for search engines instead.

Know how to proofread

Even the most proficient writers commit mistakes in their first two drafts so make sure you proofread your article well and meticulously review the entire structure. Check for grammar and spelling errors to make sure that what you wrote actually makes sense to your readers. To make things easier, there are free tools online that can help you ensure your content passes the standards of SEO experts. Nonetheless, even after running your draft through Grammarly or Hemmingway, your own eyes and mind are still the best judges on whether or not your story is a good read.

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