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Tips on How to Boost Your E-commerce Sales

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

This is an article “Tips on How to Boost Your E-commerce Sales” by Marc Primo.

Building a business from the ground up doesn’t happen overnight and neither does building a significant customer base or increased sales. Time is always a constant in E-commerce and sustaining its upward climb takes a lot of work. However, doing things the right way and keeping in mind that offering customers a great value is of paramount importance will soon reap you big rewards.

Boost ecommerce sales

With the hundreds of marketing tips available online, you’ll soon realize that there are but a few that really stand out once you launch your business. Marketing strategies depend on what’s currently trending but these tried and tested tips will surely boost your E-commerce one way or another.

Banner your security certificate

Most of your target customers will go to sites which they think look legitimate rather than what seems to be fly-by-night landing pages. One way to convince your visitors to check out your content is by displaying your site’s security or simply an icon that precedes your URL. People want to feel secure and this is one surefire way you can encourage confidence in your site, product, or service. Plus, this also gives them the impression that you value security, as cybercrime remains to be a big risk among online users today.

Provide easy pay options

What you don’t want your visitors to do is add items to their shopping cart and then abandon it due to website inefficiency or a stressful checkout process. Last year, almost 70% of shopping carts and baskets were deserted by online consumers making incomplete purchases a major concern of E-commerce marketers. The best solution for this is to install the ‘buy options’ feature that makes it easier for your customers to shop. This experiential strategy usually offers a more convenient way to check out your shopping list, pay, and enter your billing information, while taking less time to do everything. Your customers will definitely thank you if they find a link on your website that says “easy checkout”. You also get a higher click-through rate plus a volume of your customers’ email addresses for your mailing lists via this strategy.

Use human elements

Since the dawn of modern advertising in the 19th century, human elements have been widely used to influence consumers into trying out products and services. Currently, E-commerce marketers hire influencers to boost social media traffic or highlight human elements in their video content, which 72% of today’s consumers prefer.

Why is this? Because consumers can relate to actual people. It’s all about having this magical dialogue that allows you to effectively communicate what you want to tell (or sell) to your target market via an ambassador. Regardless of what media you market your brand, people will always buy products that they see are being used by other people. Give them a happy guy chugging on beer after work and they’ll want to try it out. Paint them a picture of a kid engrossed in a new toy and chances are high that parents will start looking for it online. The TV show Mad Men sums it up perfectly by saying advertising sells happiness, and people will surely want to buy that based on other people’s experiences.

Offer rewards

Another promotional motivator for consumers that’s proven to be effective in increasing your E-commerce sales over time is the ‘refer a friend’ reward wherein consumers get a certain incentive for every customer they bring in for you. Whether in the form of discounts or freebies, your customers will find value in your brand if they are rewarded for something that is practically effortless on their part.

What you get out of this are more leads and better sales, not to mention more trust and confidence in your brand. That’s because 90% of consumers place loyalty in those that are recommended by friends and family more than they do with ones they discover from ads.

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