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The Latest Social Media Apps to Take 2019 by Storm

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

The following is an article “The Latest Social Media Apps to Take 2019 by Storm” by Marc Primo.

This year, new social media apps have emerged to change the online landscape for millions of users. Businesses have intently tuned-in for the latest developments in the tech world to get a head start in capturing customer interest as they remain crucial in communicating their marketing strategies on the right platforms. For the common mobile phone user, some new apps also prove to be better than the traditional ones that everyone already has because, in a way, these apps have the same functions but are either upgraded or improved.

Latest social media apps

While there are many new apps available on Google Play and the App Store, here are the top five that are currently being downloaded online—chosen because of their versatility, ease of use, and overall relevance:

Google My Business

Tech giant Google continues to unleash more useful apps that can be linked to its network of online utility tools, giving users more convenience and holistic management system. You can bet that more startup owners will use Google My Business as it lets them develop a substantial online following in just a short span of time. It allows businesses to connect with potential customers through search results by giving users relevant information, including incoming calls and direction requests. The app also has a free website feature wherein business owners can edit as they please via PC or mobile phone. If you want a hardworking app that lets you interact with your customers, raise brand awareness on social media, and get the latest industry news at the same time, go download Google My Business now.


For those who are into dating or simply want to meet new people, this video app is one of the most user-friendly dating apps around right now. It matches individuals randomly in an instant then allows the users to chat away. It’s as simple as that. What sets it apart from similar apps is its library of creative videos which aims to entertain its users. You can even upload a video of your own and get likes and gifts for them. Facecast has multiple features all of which are interesting, never boring, and very very engaging.


Instagram users rejoiced upon the release of new social media app Vero. It functions the same way as IG in terms of photo and video sharing, but does not promote a culture of peer approval via a “like” button. The app is ideal for online influencers, professional photographers, and even businesses who rely solely on visual content. Once you open the app’s interface, you know that you’re dealing with a graphic design app created by professionals because of its beautiful interface. Other features include contacts organization (close friends, friends, and acquaintances), chronological posting, and best of all, it’s ad-free.


Video sharing has been quite the buzz these days and Facebook app Lasso is its version of the famous Chinese app TikTok. Users can discover a wealth of stylized videos from fellow users by using hashtags or by following. With an ample allowance of 15-seconds per video and musical scoring capability, this app will surely bring out the creative artist in you.

If Lasso is to Tiktok and Vero is to IG, then is your best alternative to Twitter but only better. Once you get the hang of using its use words like ‘toot’ for ‘tweet’ or ‘boost’ for ‘retweet’, or ‘favorite’ for ‘like’ then you’re all set to go. The advantage that gives its users is that it allows 500-character posts in a decentralized and more private app. Its interface is intuitive and will give you that fresh take on social media that old social media apps no longer have. You can message, mention, and follow other users via two timelines—local and federated—depending on what you want to see onscreen. Last but not least, you can also rely on its NSFW feature which will keep you safe when browsing in the office or in public places—a godsend for more people who would care to admit it!

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