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Telltale Signs Of A Digital Marketing Scam

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

The following is an article “Telltale Signs Of A Digital Marketing Scam” by Marc Primo.

In one of my recent posts, I highlighted the important role that digital marketing plays in any business. In today’s hyper-paced life, the best time for digital marketers to catch the attention of prospective customers is while on the fly.

Digital marketing scam

As a result of aggressive social media campaigns, effective email blasts, and well-researched SEO efforts by strategic digital marketers, consumers are conveniently equipped with product or service info needed while they are mobile, which will ultimately determine whether or not they will make that purchase.

The downside of digital marketing

In the same way that every marketing practice has its own set of pros and cons from a business owner’s standpoint, digital marketing too comes with its own pitfalls. Think of them as the online equivalent of fly-by-night companies that once handed out flyers to unsuspecting people on the sidewalk, won their trust (and money), and then disappeared without a trace.

While consumers have since wisened-up to such unscrupulous business practices before the digital age came along, they now face a new kind of trickery from so-called professional digital marketers hiding behind glossy websites with the promise to give your business more online presence, only to not live up to their word once they receive your hard-earned money.

Three signs of a red flag

The following are three telltale signs to look out for before hiring a digital marketer to help your business that could indicate whether it is either a scam or just not worth it:

1. Low to no activity on social media

There’s no denying the power of social media networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Therefore, anybody trying to run a business would have a presence on social media if they know what’s good for them. If the digital marketer you are considering has a social media page with very few followers or, worse, doesn’t have a page at all, enough said. It’s time to forget about them.

2. Poor to zero reviews

The last time you were more than satisfied with a product or service, did it not inspire you to say good things about that vendor? More often than not, happy campers leave their kind words in the ‘testimonials’ page of a company’s website. If the digital marketer you are courting for your business doesn’t have such a page or, worse, has one filled with rotten comments, take it as a sign to say “adios”.

3. Uses free web-based e-mail

There’s nothing wrong with using Gmail or other free e-mail service for personal purposes. But for business, first impressions are often made based on a company’s e-mail address. If they do not see the value in investing a couple of hundred dollars for a domain name and business e-mail address, then they also do not see the value of looking professional and have no business whatsoever offering their digital marketing services.

Since this is not an exhaustive list of warning signs, it also pays to be extra prudent when hiring online. Granted that anyone can pay to make their digital marketing website look professional, nothing will help manage your expectations better than talking face to face.

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