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Should You Still Be Using an Antivirus Program?

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

The following is an article “Should You Still Be Using an Antivirus Program?” by Marc Primo Pulisci

In 1971, the first computer virus was born. ‘Creeper’ (aptly named after a Scooby-Doo character), displayed the teaser message “I’m the creeper, catch me if you can” on the screens of infected units. Just as physiological viruses continue to evolve through the decades, so too do these malware programs designed to give everyone a hard time.

Should You Still Be Using an Antivirus Program?

The answer to the question is easy. Yes, we need to install antivirus programs in our systems, especially if used for business. But the real question is: What programs should you install and what viruses should you be on the lookout for?

With the online revolution continuing to make giant strides globally, malware in the form of Trojans, worms, and spyware are also becoming more prevalent. Without the most efficient systems in place, your programs and data will never safe as these viruses can assume stealth modes that allow them to go undetected while it wreaks havoc on your system.

That said, here are the top six reasons you still need an antivirus program in 2019.

Data protection

Operating systems (OS) like Windows 10 have built-in tools such as Windows Firewall and Windows Defender that protect your data and keep them private while you’re online. Be sure to make regular updates so you’re always shielded from the latest threats. While these free antivirus programs may not cover all the bases to fight malware, they work well with the most basic software programs. However, if your operations require more advanced computing, go for premium antivirus programs designed for business.

Ransomware prevention

Many consider Ransomware one of the most dangerous malware because it can operate without detection, is impossible to cure, and can completely block your computer. If infected, your only resort is a full-disk formatting, which means that you’ll have to erase everything on your hard drive— forever. Ransomware, among others, is the top reason most entrepreneurs invest in customized antivirus programs dedicated for business use. It’s not comforting to know that 97% of phishing emails can give you Ransomware so better install an efficient antivirus program fast.

E-mail privacy

Most viruses and Trojans can penetrate your computer through e-mail. These can corrupt your files or create opportunities for data theft. Some of the latest forms of viruses disguise themselves as innocent text or images. Once you click on these seemingly harmless links, you will suddenly allow access to your most confidential information. Fortunately, most of today’s antivirus programs for business have features that review incoming e-mails and attachments, and prompt you if there are any risks.

Online security

For startup companies that rely on e-commerce to run their businesses, an antivirus designed to offer online security is a must. Accepting payments electronically and resorting to cloud computing make you prone to modern malware. Premium antivirus programs can efficiently block phishing sites to create a safer online environment for your business.

Expert help

As more viruses continue to emerge and cause damage to your hardware, professional and technical help from trusted providers is a must. Make sure you go to one that offers 24-hour online assistance and personal management. These providers should also deliver regular reports on how the software monitors suspicious online activities and scans each of your files and systems for potential danger.

Holistic management

Antivirus software for businesses usually offers security management via centralized controls. This antivirus service is appropriate for large businesses that require multiple networks to operate. Most functions are user-friendly and intuitive so you can adjust your desired settings, modify, and manage your connections in a few easy steps.

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