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Running A Startup Business on the Internet For Young Professionals

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

The following is an article “Running A Startup Business on the Internet For Young Professionals” by Marc Primo.

The internet is an essential tool in today’s world of business. More and more startups are investing on the power of digitalization to reach consumers and come up with effective business strategies. There is no doubt that businesses won’t survive without taking part in this global revolution.

Running A Startup Business on the Internet For Young Professionals

For young professionals who are venturing into startups, the internet is an ever-evolving tool that improves various aspects of business. From selling products to offering services, the internet has become the new marketplace where both consumers and companies can find solutions to their various needs.

Almost every business system today has already gone digital to maximize efficiencies, and gaining substantial profits is perhaps the holy grail that young entrepreneurs focus on when developing their online business. With that, here are some great startup ideas you could try where you could really take advantage of your online game:

Furniture Business

Think about it: All houses, offices, warehouses, and what have you need some furniture. Building a startup that offers a variety of models to a wide niche market online can spell a fortune for you in no time. Conduct garage sales of used dining tables and office desks that you acquired online, or feature well-designed bookshelves and couches in your website. You can easily establish online communities when selling furniture, and they can also suggest certain designs for you to try out so you’ll get to offer clients more alternatives.

Kids’ Toys

New startups can find potential success in selling kids’ toys and apparels online. Kid products from instructional toys to pre-school books are popular over the internet and there’s always a vast market who are very willing to buy them for their little ones. Sell brands that are unique and have personalities that stand out. Make sure parents know what advantages they get from buying your products. As an example, the German brand Lassig teaches kids to take care of nature by letting them know that with every product they buy from the website, a certain portion goes to environmental protection.

E-Commerce site

Another good startup idea is to set up an e-commerce store via affiliate marketing. The challenge here is how you can beat competitors out there with your digital marketing experience. Be meticulous with your online content and update your websites regularly. You have to be up for the challenge as there are hundreds of e-commerce stores out there who are vying for the top spot in every user’s search results page. Study marketing techniques for specific markets and you’ll soon establish your brand online and set yourself apart from other stores.

Teach a course

If you happen to be an expert on something, you can make a profit by sharing your skills and knowledge with others online. Writing educational e-books can be a lucrative startup if you know your field well and can promote them yourself via a website or an email list. Learn how to design an engaging sales page that will persuade your visitors to purchase a copy and allow you to create a following. Self-publishing your work on Amazon is another way you can reach your target audience fast while growing your email list.

Travel Business

For hospitality professionals, setting up an online travel agency is a startup that can quickly generate a lot of customers. Around eight out of ten people purchase travel tickets online and it also gives you the chance to make group bookings for bigger revenue. If you are passionate about arranging holidays for your customers, go the extra mile by offering complete itinerary bookings that give them options on accommodation, restaurants, transportation, and tours. The more service you provide, the better the profit. Just make sure that you provide a great customer experience so they can put in a good word for your business online.

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