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List Building Methods

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

The following is an article “List Building Methods”

by Marc Primo.

Email continually outperforms most other sales channel. If done correctly it can transform your client’s business and your own. Email marketing boasts a high conversion rate, with low costs. The only downside is the effort. You have put in the time to build up your list, so you can continually monetize. Even if your business is not selling any product or service, building an email list is one of the best ways to attain return traffic to your website continually. For example, if you have a blog, every new post should be a new email you send out to your subscribers.

Here are 10 methods to grow your list.

List building methods

1. Create remarkable content

In a world where content is king, you can't afford to have mediocre content. Especially if you want an interactive subscriber base that reads and engages with your content. What you want are subscribers that always look forward to your emails.

2. Always ask your readers to share your content forward

Make sure to include the standard share buttons and invite your list to share the content with friends. Gaining you access to their friends, family, and networks, expanding your list. Add a call to action (CTA) in every email, a "Subscribe" button or text-based link so the new readers getting the forwarded emails can easily subscribe.

3. Segment your lists

Use different landing pages and email subscription funnels to deliver more targeted content to specific segments of your business. Email recipients are more inclined to click through emails which cater to their particular interests.

4.Creative lead magnets

A lead magnet is an incentive that marketers offer to potential buyers in exchange for their email address or other contact info. Lead magnets usually provide downloadable material, including a free PDF checklist, report, eBook, whitepaper, video, etc...

5. Promote an online contest

Use your social media accounts to host free giveaways in exchange for contact info. Invite entrants to click through to a website and sign up using their email address. The prize has to be of value to others.

6. Invite your site visitors to give feedback

People enjoy offering feedback on information that pertains to them. On specific pages of your site, add a form that asks people what questions they may have concerning your company.

7. Make simple lead-capturing forms

Keep the number of brackets in your forms to two or three fields -- you can gather more data from them after you start a conversation. The idea is to make the process as simple as possible. Think about your internet habits and how you immediately ignore certain websites or call to actions just because they ask you to fill out lengthy forms.

8. A/B test different effort copy

You may be doing all the proper things to gather leads -- landing pages, gated content, contests, and more. The issue might be that the design or copy itself is not driving the involvement you want. A/B test (also known as “split test") distinct characteristics of your list-building efforts with various versions of the identical content. This includes the call-to-action text, the color of the button, the time of day you are submitting to social media, as well as where on your site these signup forms are. Sometimes a little change can drive hundreds of conversions.

9. Collaborate

From guest blogging to sister sites. Collaborations can allow you to target a new but appropriate audience. Use this partnership to direct people back to your site -- where you are already collecting email addresses.

10. Collect email addresses in person

Offline events like trade shows are highly anticipated growth opportunities for professionals in any industry. Demo your most recent product for an appropriate conference and collect signups in-person. Tell them to expect an email from you promptly and even send them some content that is relevant to their needs.

All of these are examples you can start doing now to boost your business' email database. Many of them don't cost a penny, and they are not hard to implement. The crucial thing is to take on email list-building from as many angles as you can.

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