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Jumpstart Tips For Bloggers

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

The following is an article “Jumpstart Tips For Bloggers” by Marc Primo.

To maintain a strong online presence, blogging has become an indispensable tool along with social media and content marketing. Whatever your reason is for wanting to remain relevant in the digital realm, polishing your blogging skills is important in order for your efforts to be effective.

Jumpstart Tips For Bloggers

Blogging 101

The following are tips and suggestions on how to write an effective blog post that will increase your chances of maximum reach and engagement:

Write eye-catching headlines

Think of your blog entry as a print advertisement. Chances are, you won’t bother to read the body copy of an ad if the headline doesn’t grab your attention. With all the online content your target audience must sift through every single day, a catchy headline spells the difference between getting a click or a flick into oblivion. When crafting a headline, ask yourself if it is something that would pique your curiosity, while making sure it seamlessly links to what your article is all about. In short, make it simple, powerful, and… short.

Compose it for yourself first

It is easy to get distracted by basic rules of journalism such as knowing who your readers are and adjusting the tonality of your article accordingly. While this should always be a consideration, start off your initial draft writing for yourself and pretend that nobody else is going to read it. Once you have all your thoughts and ideas written down, that’s when you can do a second draft and fine tune what you’ve written to make it more target market specific depending on your audience profile. So, that’s write for yourself first, fine tune for your readers second.

Listen to your readers

One thing that is easy to take for granted is assuming you know what your audience wants to read about, without lending them an ear to hear their requests and suggestions. Fail to heed their advice and before you know it, your analytics will be on a downtrend, with your readers migrating to other blogs where they feel the news is more relevant and they are actually part of the conversation. That said, always take time to read the comments section of your blog and take note of what works, what doesn’t, and how you can improve with each blog post.

Add a call to action

Ever notice how bloggers and vloggers with the most followers end their post with a call to action like, “If you like my blog, please don’t forget to hit that “Like” button” or “Follow me on Twitter and Instagram”? Whether or not you are the type to grant their request, you’ll be surprised at how many people show their appreciation for a good blog by hitting that Like button or following them on social media. That way, your audience will be automatically alerted each time you post something new, without having to check your page hourly for updates.

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