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How to Use the Google Display Network

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

The following is an article “How to Use the Google Display Network”

by Marc Primo.

How to use google display network

Google AdWords is divided into two networks, the Search Network and the Display Network. When placing ads on the Search Network, we are dealing in text advertisements in the search engine results. These show up in the first few spots and look very similar to organic results. On the Display Network, advertisers instead place graphic ads on a huge network of websites throughout the internet.

What is a display ad?

Display ads will be the visual banner advertisements you see on advertising-supported websites everywhere. According to Google, the Display Network reaches over 90 percent of global internet users expanding across 2 million sites!

Google's Search Network targets users typing into Google's search engine or Google partner search websites if you choose to extend to Google Search Partners (like AOL). By comparison, think about this display network as a more passive type of advertising. Banners or boxes promoting a product or service, above and to the side of the blogs or sites you frequent -- those are display ads.


Even if you don't know what remarketing, is you have certainly been subject to it. Remarketing begins when you visit a website, and their script takes a peek at your cookies. Utilizing these cookies google proceeds to target previous site visitors and follow them online with ads reminding them of their previous interest. It works-- since the users you're remarketing to have expressed a real interest in your niche because they visited your website.

DON'T Use Display Select

If you have been doing paid search, you should understand that combining search and display campaigns is not worth it. Display Select tells Google to utilize the majority of your budget on search and the leftover advertising on Display Network. If you wish to use both methods you are better off creating separate campaigns to target each network.

Mobile Games Eat Up Your Budget

Children are wasting a huge chunk of your AdWords budget. As lovely as children can be, they are turning mobile games into untrustworthy advertising placements! Toddlers are stealing their parents' devices to play games where regrettably your ads are being displayed through the Display Network. The kids are moving their thumbs as fast as they can trying to win, clicking your ads by accident. This costs you a lot! So, for now, avoid these placements.

The Display Network has incredible potential to help any brand with their goals; the only caveat is we must treat it with as much care as any other advertising endeavor. Research, split test, make all efforts possible to improve the outcome of your campaign and eventually you will reap the benefits.

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