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How To Spot Marketing Trends That Last

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

The following is an article “How To Spot Marketing Trends That Last” by Marc Primo.

And just like that, January of the New Year is over and it seems like February came overnight. While there’s no slowing down the hands of time, the good news for digital marketers is that certain trends are here to stay… and for quite a while by the looks of it.

How To Spot Marketing Trends That Last

With the more and more of the world’s population going online daily, the Internet is the place to be for marketers who want their brand to be seen by as many people as possible. But where exactly in cyberspace’s vast realm is presence a must?

The following are digital marketing trends that are either rapidly gaining popularity or have stood the test of time with no sign of slowing down in the foreseeable future:

Electronic mail is here to stay

Call it the granddaddy or OG of communicating on the Internet, e-mail, as everyone calls it today, has been in use by the general public since the early ‘90s, making it an almost 30-year old technology. I say “technology” because three decades is a long time by any standard and it would be an injustice to label e-mail a “trend”. Although how it is used in the marketing world is changing, one way digital marketers can minimize the chances of their e-mail going straight to the junk folder of its intended recipient is to add a personalized touch. This might be in the form of a final call to action after a consumer has browsed a product or inquired about a service in a company’s website.

Instagram is for the young ‘uns

If your target market is anyone born after Generation X, possibly even the latter half of the Millennials up to Gen Z, then Instagram is the place to be. Since a good majority of its one billion and counting users are below the coveted 30-year age bracket, targeting this impressionable market segment is what you want to do and IG is where you want to do it. More than a photo sharing social media network, IG has become more functional as a marketing platform, thanks to the power of the ubiquitous hashtag which makes searching for products and brands child’s play.

The mother of all social media is going through a phase(book)

Believe it or not, despite 2018 not being the best year for social media giant Facebook, it was still the most widely used social network in the U.S. last year. However, in stark contrast to Instagram, a solid 41 percent of FB users happens to be over the age of 65. What does this mean to a digital marketer? Well, that really depends on what age demographic your brand appeals to. It might be common sense to start advertising adult diapers on FB based on the findings, but don’t forget that senior citizens are grandparents too… so you wouldn’t want to miss out on reaching out to them with your product targeted at Gen Z which Grandpa will happily shell out for to do what grandparents do best: spoil the grandkids.

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