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How To Gain Email Subscribers And Not Lose Them

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

The following is an article “How To Gain Email Subscribers And Not Lose Them” by Marc Primo.

It takes time to build a good email marketing campaign and establish a significant number of subscribers. Sadly, it may only take a single day to lose a majority of your customers with a bad marketing strategy.

How to gain email subscribers

No one can foresee how subscribers can react to content and it is but natural to gain or lose a few from time to time. But if you have constantly experienced a substantial decline in subscribers for one of your campaigns, don’t be disheartened just yet. Here are several ways how you can earn more subscribers and get to keep them too.

Send just the right number of emails

You have the liberty to send as much emails to your subscribers as you want but know what the right number is so that you don’t flood their inbox inappropriately. Determine your key messages and categorize content whether they are newsletters (which are usually only sent once a month), or a product trial wherein up to three emails are acceptable. Remember that nobody really wants a clingy, annoying, and attention-grabbing sender. In digital marketing, sometimes the quality matters more than the actual numbers.

Visuals are important

People are attracted to aesthetics and giving your content the proper visual appeal may win you a good number of subscribers. Don’t take this as an encouragement to place beauty shots all over your banner. Sometimes you don’t even need photos to create compelling content. Choose your texts wisely including their font styles, sizes, and colors. Augment your visuals for both desktop browsers and mobile devices and make sure that everything is anchored on your brand logo. Some pegs that work are BuzzFeed’s simple but attention-grabbing newsletters as well as Uber’s email updates.

Be creative when it comes to subject

Subscribers treat your subject head as attention-grabbing headlines so you better make them interesting and creative. A good 35% of subscribers decide whether to open an email message or otherwise based on the subject alone. So craft an exciting line that is worthy of your subscribers’ time and interest. Try to raise curiosity on your main content. Consistent and creative emails might even get your subscribers to put in a good word for you and generate more leads.

Make true your promises

Subscribers are very keen on the content they get. If all they want are updates, be sure that you remain faithful to what they signed up for. Avoid feeding them with promotional pop-ups or content clutter that they didn’t sign up for. These messages that subscribers find unrelated to what they really want are often the reason why they hit the unsubscribe button. Each subscriber has exclusive needs so you might want to categorize what you send for specific individuals. Segment your emails according to preferences or sign up for an email marketing service to come up with an organized mailing list that focuses on more on psychographics. This will help you screen your email content and ensure that you send them to the right audiences every time.

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