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How Effective Is Live Chat?

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

The following is an article “How Effective Is Live Chat?” by Marc Primo.

Some online customers do not have the patience of Job and demand quick responses. Sometimes, this window of waiting around can spell missed opportunities for conversion, and that’s where live chat comes in.

Live chat effectiveness

People have always dreamed of the day when voice recorded messages disappeared each time they make a business query over the phone. Live chat gives customers quicker and more personal responses that make them happier.

Most online users who seek information find it tedious to browse from site to site for the simplest answers to their questions. It is vital to remember that when opting to establish a live chat feature, you are providing a more experiential form of customer service that can get you way ahead of the competition.

Here are three reasons why you should start considering live chat as a vital tool for your B2C or B2B marketing:

Going real-time gains more leads

If you are not keeping pace with how people are living their lives today, chances are you may lose a lot for your business. At present, most consumers favor live chat channels as a way to get effective customer service. Just letting customers wait for ten minutes can turn them off and lead them to do a Google search for the next nearest service. Getting back to customers and qualifying leads within five minutes or less is ideal and can be achieved via live chat. Though it may entail additional costs, you can achieve not only a good gain in generated leads but also a good word for your company from customers in the long run.

Contrary to popular belief, bots help

If you’re thinking twice about hiring call center agents to attend to your live chat service due to additional costs, you may resort to addressing queries with standard responses through bots. Not long ago, bots used to give customers unsatisfactory experiences but with the progress made in voice assistant technologies, responses are more intuitive and in tune with what customers have in mind. Now bots can manage the expectations of the customers and give them alternatives when you are not around to answer their queries personally. With bots, there is still that instant care that customers yearn for when they need it the most. As an added plus, you get to measure user experience through feedback and improve on your customer service strategies.

You can overturn negatives into positives in an instant

While setting up a comprehensive FAQ section on your website is good for surface level questions, it may not have the capability to instantly turn a customer’s objection into something positive. Live chat can answer more complex questions from customers resulting to better chances of customer satisfaction. Providing your customers with the most convenient way to get past their objections and giving them the impression that you are always ready to extend help when they need it, will definitely lead to more conversions. Anyway we look at it, it is just common sense that all companies do benefit from giving customers the attention they need in the quickest way possible.

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