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Five Google Ads Updates You Should Know This 2019

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

The following is an article “Five Google Ads Updates You Should Know This 2019” by Marc Primo.

Like most of today’s digital marketing platforms, Google Ads continue to evolve at a rapid pace and the flux will most likely affect your strategies and tools. The good news is Google Ads always aim to make it easier for you to manage your ad campaigns and they truly deliver.

Google Ads 2019 updates

If you are still referring to Google Ads as AdWords, then you definitely need to read this as there are bigger changes you need to look out for this 2019. Here are the top five new features and tools that you can go and brush up on right now.

User Interface

After months of beta trials, Google Ads has finally launched its new look in July last year and by now have migrated paid searches to the new user interface. You’d want to get yourself accustomed to the new changes and its benefits quickly. Google Ads now come with a clever Overview for more perceptive insights on how well your campaigns are doing. Get click numbers, and information on conversions, cost, top ads, keywords, and more. You’ll surely love the faster results and how the new interface comes up with more holistic recommendations to optimize objectives.

Search ads

2018 also saw the launch of Google Ads’ responsive search ad which turned out to be a huge help for advertisers. By reflecting a higher number of descriptions and headlines that is adaptive to how advertisers can use them, the responsive search ad utilizes artificial intelligence to determine the best descriptions and headlines with more ad text in the search engine results page. This new feature also lets your customers have a higher chance to access your ads through combination testing.

Character limits

With the responsive search ad feature, Google has also increased the number of text characters for general ads to three 30-character headlines and 90-character descriptions. You should consider the possibility though that all headlines and descriptions may not always appear. Utilize the search results page to get more benefits from this new plus.

Smart Shopping

Machine learning updates have also been incorporated with Google Smart Shopping. In order to come up with the optimum conversion value, the latest automation gives users access to bidding and ad placements throughout Google platforms including YouTube and Gmail. Advertisers can very well take advantage by maximizing bidding, ad placements and design for their digital marketing campaigns. Have at least 20 conversions over the last 45 days to make use of this feature.

Audience Expansion Setting

Most digital marketers on the display network platform can’t wait to bolster sales at the soonest possible time. Google Ads make sure that display campaigns don’t end up in futility as advertisers usually amplify bids and acquire costs for conversions. Google’s solution is an audience expansion setting that analyzes target market similarities via machine learning. This increases the chances for higher investment returns by growing reach and surging volume on user engagements and conversions for your campaigns. The Audience Expansion Setting also becomes a very useful tool if integrated with remarketing.

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