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Engagement That Leads To ROI

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

The following is an article “Engagement That Leads To ROI” by Marc Primo.

So you rely heavily on social media as your business’ main artillery in the digital marketing front. Good call, but if you are going to invest a lot of time and effort (and maybe some dollars) in it, might as well make sure you are doing it effectively.

Engagement That Leads To ROI

What follows are tips on how to produce engaging social media content that not only catches your audience’s eye, but improves your chances of converting leads into sales for your business:

Tug at the heartstrings

If there is one language that is universally understood, it is “emotion”. Scientific studies conducted by global consumer research company Nielsen revealed that advertising material that either frightened people or inspired them led to a 23 percent increase in sales compared to ads that did not play on people’s emotions. Facebook allows you to create content that consists of multiple elements like images, text, and video, so unleash your creativity and use all these powerful media to your advantage.

Know and show your USP

Every brand has it. A unique selling proposition is the jump-off point to every good marketing campaign, whatever the medium might be. Before you create a FB campaign proclaiming to the world how great your product or service is, make sure it answers these two all important questions: How is it going to improve the lives of your customers, and secondly, what makes it different from the competition? Always remember that while you may have a great brand, there are a myriad other brands just like yours out there competing for the same market.

Spin for the win

PR practitioners thrive on this. Even the most mundane news item or product can be ‘spun’ in such a way to make it so much more interesting than it really is. Whether you are selling life insurance or skydiving trips, the idea is to make your audience feel like they cannot afford to miss out on your brand. How you do this is entirely up to you and your creative juices, but here’s an example seen on a chalkboard outside your run-of-the-mill bar: “Husband Day Care Center. Need time to yourself? Need time to relax? Want to go shopping? Leave your husband with us! We look after him for you! You only pay for his drinks!”

Add customer testimonials

Before Facebook, there was Friendster. Widely considered the pioneer social media network, Friendster was a novelty in its time thanks to one key feature: testimonials. Friends would add each other on this 2002 site and then leave “reviews” on the walls of their buddies for all to see. Whether these reviews were good or bad wasn’t the point: it was a key feature because it allowed others, who might consider the person in question a potential date, to get an idea of what that he or she would be in for based on testimonials of other people. It works exactly the same way for products and services.

Shoutout the call to action

Last but not least, always include a strong call to action in your social media marketing efforts. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cliche like “What are you waiting for?” or something more timeless like “Just do it”; it is human nature to respond to such commands, so a good digital marketing campaign should never be without one.

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