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E-mail Marketing Done Right

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

The following is an article “E-mail Marketing Done Right” by Marc Primo.

Digital marketing is an all-encompassing term for the use of electronic technology to market a product or service through a growing number of methods. One of the oldest and most common of these methods happens to be e-mail marketing.

Email marketing done right

Why e-mail marketing is relevant

According to the Radicati Group, the number of worldwide business emails sent per day in 2018 reached a staggering 281 billion. The same research group projects this number to grow to over 330 billion per day in just four years. Despite the ever-surging popularity of social media, these statistics tell us that consumers and business owners are not retiring their e-mail accounts any time soon—and for good reason.

Given the number of active e-mail users that still exist today, it is only logical that digital marketers should continue to create marketing campaigns that leverage on the potential of such a huge captured market. But what separates a run-of-the-mill e-mail marketing campaign from a highly effective one that translates to lead generation?

Essentials of e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing done right is a lot more than simply sending out a hard sell e-mail blast to new and old customers in your database. A poorly thought out subject title alone is all it takes for the recipient to mark it as trash without even opening it, so start by asking yourself what the objective of the e-mail is and then craft a short but eye-catching title that will stand out in their inbox.

E-mail marketing can have various goals, from promotional, relational, and transactional. Whether you are using e-mail to push a new product, deliver on a promise, or pamper a client with after sales service, identifying the purpose of the campaign is the next most important step because this is your chance to impress after succeeding in getting them to actually read it.

However, keep in mind that your e-mail is likely to be just one out of a dozen others sitting in their inbox, so assume that you only have a few seconds to get your message across before their attention span expires.

Always keep your audience in mind

The tone of your e-mail’s message will largely depend on who the reader is. The same way there are different e-mail types, so too will you have different types of audience. Are you targeting new customers or existing ones? Do you have a broad customer base wherein there is a need to segment your e-mails with a customized message per demographic? If so, how will you segregate your customer profiles?

Once you know why you are creating an e-mail marketing campaign and who exactly your target market is, crafting the copy of the main body and choosing the right tone for your campaign will come naturally. Always optimize your choice of words and call to action to achieve the desired results—and that is to pique the recipient’s interest, have them engage with your business, and, ultimately, get them to boost your sales.

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