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Dentsu expands its partnership with AWS, incorporating advanced AI tools into their arsenal.

By Marc Primo Implementing Amazon Bedrock and SageMaker is anticipated to streamline the deployment of third-party and open-source models across product and engineering teams. This integration is poised to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the model deployment process, facilitating seamless collaboration and empowering teams to leverage cutting-edge technologies with ease.

During a test, the agency achieved enhanced productivity by leveraging the synergy between technology and the expertise of local teams. This collaborative approach allowed for the customization of advertising use cases.

Dentsu recently announced its plans to expand its generative artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities across its global network. This expansion follows a successful trial period and will be facilitated through the utilization of Amazon Web Services' (AWS) tools. This strategic move exemplifies Dentsu's commitment to leveraging state-of-the-art technology to drive innovation and enhance its services on a global scale.Dentsu's integration of Amazon Bedrock aims to offer foundational models from top AI companies via a unified API. By leveraging Amazon SageMaker, data scientists and developers can swiftly construct, train, and deploy machine learning models at a large scale. This collaboration empowers them to enhance the quality of their work while maintaining the original intent.

Dentsu's utilization of AI tools and services, sourced from a range of providers such as Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, and Adobe, is a testament to their commitment to enhance efficiency and foster creativity. This news highlights their proactive approach in leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive better results.

Dentsu has been leveraging the power of AWS to develop a multitude of AI solutions. By utilizing Amazon Bedrock and Amazon SageMaker, Dentsu can streamline the process of creating and implementing third-party and open-source models across its diverse product and engineering teams. Additionally, this initiative will grant over 72,000 global employees access to cutting-edge technologies from the wider global technology community.

Dentsu recently embraced Amazon Bedrock and Amazon SageMaker products following a successful trial conducted by Dentsu Digital in Japan. This trial was made possible through Dentsu's participation in a private preview program with AWS. By leveraging technology alongside the expertise of local teams, Dentsu was able to enhance productivity and securely tailor advertising use cases using their proprietary data. This strategic integration of technology and knowledge-empowered Dentsu to deliver customized advertising solutions effectively.

As Gen AI continues to evolve, holding companies and agencies are actively seeking collaborations with various technology providers. This allows them to experiment and discover solutions that best suit their needs. In the past year, Dentsu established a partnership with Microsoft, granting them access to Azure OpenAI. This collaboration resulted in the development of Merkle GenCX, a powerful tool for leveraging AI in customer experience management. Furthermore, Dentsu has also forged strategic AI alliances with Google and Salesforce.

As expected, other holding companies are also joining in. Publicis Groupe recently made a significant commitment, planning to invest over $300 million in the next three years to bolster their in-house CoreAI data platform. Similarly, WPP forged a partnership with Nvidia last year, focusing on the advancement of an AI-driven content engine.


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