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Why You Should Make Way For Video Ads in 2021

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

This is an article “Why You Should Make Way For Video Ads in 2021” by Marc Primo

Online users have shifted from short and medium-form videos to long forms this year and, with various social media tools and sharing platforms such as Reels, Fleets, or Facebook Watch, the video ad revolution is stirring up a storm for 2021.

If you are keeping up with the latest social media updates, it’s easy to see how video ads are more prevalent than ever before. While people were forced to stay indoors due to the current health crisis, the use of video platforms and in-home streaming services have risen significantly through the previous months with Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and HBO Now, among other subscription-based platforms increasing viewership numbers. On social media, companies continue to populate platforms with over 1 million videos per second projected to be uploaded by 2022.

Video Advertising

Aside from giving your brand awareness a boost, video ads can also position you as a thought leader with a trustworthy brand persona, plus the promise of a higher ROI. Whether you post short infographics or well-designed clips, they are sure to make an impact on those who spend the time to view them in their entirety.

Why else should you immediately shift to video? Here are the vital answers.

Video ads are important in your PPC campaigns

SEO services from various digital marketing agencies have seen an increase in cost per keyword recently while video Adwords have remained inexpensive. But the strength of video ads lies in how it can target more specific audiences on social media who can pass on your brand or product information to more online users than traditional static art and copies. People have also given more attention to well-produced videos that are complete with compelling visuals, a good musical score, and a voice over as these can trigger curiosity. Soon, more users will be clicking links to your other content for a bigger chance of a conversion.

Video ads can also give you a rise in PPC depending on how well they appeal to your target market. However, this is not the same for in-stream ads placed on YouTube where numbers are measured based on who watched your entire ad without skipping.

You can create more impact with video ads

Determining who you want to convey your brand messages to is important if you are aiming to create a bigger impact online. Choose your audience carefully and review their psychographics which can then lead you to more lookalike audiences.

Make sure you produce clear and concise videos that can be posted in multiple formats (mp4 verticals for Facebook and Instagram Stories, and 16:9 videos for Facebook News Feed, Instagram Feed, and on Twitter). Try to experiment with editing as well as posts via FB and IG Stories can only last for no more than 20 and 15 seconds respectively.

Lastly, review what’s trending on social media platforms so you can integrate moment marketing strategies regarding current social issues which elicits better engagement from your audience.

It’s now easier to create more awesome video ads

Most modern video ads that anchor their visuals on engaging stories have a better chance of winning the online ads battle than any other type. Try to pull on your viewers’ heartstrings by scripting an emotional production that relays your brand’s messaging clearly. Take note that lesser consumers want straight-out marketing pitches like how car salesmen used to do it in the old days via the boobtube.

Short and concise videos usually do the job but with new platforms like Facebook Watch and Instagram Reels, you can produce longer videos of up to 15 seconds so that you could convey more information about your brand or product.

Also, don’t forget to optimize your ads for SEO by planting the right keywords on your script, captions, headlines, and meta descriptions. This will ensure that Google Search will lead users to your video ads for higher chances of viewership, engagement, and eventually-- conversion.

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