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Should Your Brand Have Its Own App?

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

The following is an article “Should Your Brand Have Its Own App” by Marc Primo.

Nowadays, mobile apps are not as exclusive to big name brands as they are for small or midsized companies. Business owners now know that merely putting up a website for their brand is not enough to reach their goals. For some, going mobile is the way to go if the objective is to establish virtual interaction with the customers.

Should Your Brand Have Its Own App?

But what should you consider in planning an effective mobile strategy via a dedicated app? What are the benefits? Whether or not you need an app for your brand or not is a common question among companies today. Here are a few things to ponder upon when determining if your brand needs an app or otherwise.

You should review your website traffic

In digital marketing, website traffic is a telling tool that can help you decide which marketing strategy to pursue including the need for a mobile app. If you are enjoying your fair share of mobile traffic, then it might be a good idea to develop an app for your brand. Today’s customers heavily interact through digital channels and every time they visit a website means they want to engage or know more about a brand. By providing your customers with a great app experience, you fill their need for information and can update them through periodic notifications on their mobile app.

Customer age is a factor

Most businesses are a numbers game and those numbers should include the age range of your target market. Today, the younger generations particularly generations Y and Z, tend to rely more on mobile apps and websites to get what they need. On the other hand, older generations prefer the more traditional form of marketing. To illustrate, those aged 18 to 24 are the ones who register the heaviest usage of mobile apps, and most of those who are older up to the age of 34 still prefer shopping online. If these folks are your target market, there’s no question that you do need a mobile app to push your brand further.

What can you offer beyond your website?

Do you really know what your customers want from your brand? Are there a number of non-surface questions about your brand that customers can’t seem to find the answers to in your FAQ section? These questions are important if your answer is yes and deem that your website is not enough of a tool to deliver what you can really offer your customers. Set up a mobile app if you want to address customers’ pain points. You’ll be glad to stay interactive with them as this can also lead to generating more conversions for your brand.

The competition

It is always a race. If your competition is getting better mileage on their digital marketing efforts via a dedicated mobile app, then it’s time you develop your own as well. It won’t matter if they are the app pioneers for your industry genre, you can always forge ahead anytime. What’s better is that you can conduct a study on what works for them or what needs improvement. By doing that, you can offer your customers an app that has a better competitive edge and mobile experience for its users.

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