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Be A Digital Nomad in Three Easy Steps

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

The following is an article “Be A Digital Nomad in Three Easy Steps” by Marc Primo.

These days, more professionals are opting to shift from a desk job to working remotely anywhere, anytime. While being a digital nomad has its own conveniences in terms of flexibility and time management, it poses certain challenges as well. Before you decide to become one, check here first to find out if the lifestyle is really right for you.

Be A Digital Nomad

Giving up your corporate job and deciding to work remotely involves necessary precautions and adjustments. A whole new world will unveil as you transition from working nine to five to carrying your laptop anywhere you go and get busy during odd hours. There are always new things to learn and the work will demand that you be more proactive.

If you have your mindset on being a digital nomad already, consider doing these three easy steps, which might help you prepare for a new and exciting professional journey.

Map out your locations

It’s easy to think that any country will have room for tech-savvy freelancers, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. According to premier digital agency Croud, co-working space availability, average internet speed, visa requirements, accommodation costs, and even the number of bars per square mile all factor in a city’s feasibility for digital professionals. When you take on a job abroad, make sure to check the country’s visa work rules to avoid deportation. This is because some countries do not really allow people to work remotely and have strict rules for working tourists.

Ensure your files’ afterlife

Seeing the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) is one of the most horrifying nightmares for digital nomads. Without a computer, you’ll find it difficult to work, meet deadlines, earn money, and sustain your ‘go anywhere’ lifestyle. You cannot lose access to your contacts and important files especially when you are remotely working. Worse, you might one day find yourself in a country where there are no computer repair shops nearby. Not to worry though. There are always solutions for these kinds of quagmires. Back up your important files regularly via an external hard drive, or bring an easy-to-carry spare laptop or heavy-duty tablet with an attachable keyboard everywhere you go. Save your files in cloud storages to be safe. Better yet, save up for a backup laptop in case your old one unexpectedly calls it quits. And if these still don’t work, scout the locale for internet cafes where you can do your research and gain access to all the necessary software you need until you can get back on track with a new laptop.

Prioritize Security

Keeping yourself safe as a digital nomad both relates to data security and your own personal safety. As a digital nomad, you might find yourself working in various locations. Connecting to public internet access may be dangerous at times as not all wi-fi connections are protected. Check for encryption and privacy policies when you connect to hotels or restaurants, and when downloading unfamiliar software. Some hackers prey on those who use public connections due to its lack of security. These cyber criminals may tap into your system and steal your data, credit card details, emails, and other private documents. Others can even send you viruses that will ruin the files you worked so hard on. Protecting your data means using a virtual private network or VPN that reroutes your connection to another, more secure server. This blocks hackers through encryption and masks your actual IP address. Lastly, make sure that you take the necessary precautions before you go out and work in remote places while in another country. Familiarize yourself with the culture and meet locals so that you can readily ask for help when you find yourself in trouble.

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